Hot Glue

There are times that sewing just doesn’t doesn’t work with a project and you have to crack out the glue gun. My latest project is a prime example (so if you’re my Stocking Swap partner, don’t peek!).

My partner for this swap is a burlesque dancer and preferred items that ran along that line. I thought that this gave me the perfect opportunity to try out some crafts that I’ve either never tried or haven’t done in awhile. My first set of projects ran along the ‘never tried’ line. First I made a fascinator hair clip – using several different styles of feathers and a beaded flower brooch. The second item I made was…. pasties. While the concept of pasties are quite simple. The execution, however, is not so straightforward. While they turned out o.k., the sequins are stacked up too much and don’t lie quite as flat as what I think they should be. On the upside, they do ‘sparkle’ a lot – they will definitely be seen on a stage!

4 thoughts on “Hot Glue

  1. Karen

    Sweet! A burlesque troupe from Memphis has come to our town a few times, and we always go watch. One of the things they do to raise money is make pasties and sell them. 🙂 Since I don’t do burlesque dancing I’ve never made any, but your’s look great!

  2. Judi

    And I am looking forward to seeing that movie, Burlesque, with Cher & Christina Aguilera.
    Your work looks good from here, Stacy.

  3. Stacy

    Thanks everyone! I can see how people pay to buy theirs – all those sequins are hard to work with! I’m attempting a second version with rhinestones – let’s hope those turn out a bit better.

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