Superhero Cape

This week is “Spirit Week” at Taylor’s school. Each day has a different theme – yesterday’s was “Superhero Day”. Taylor decided that she was going all out for this one and created her own ‘character’ for it. Consequently, she asked for a (short) cape and I knocked out this one in no time flat. I used a pink zebra printed material (from Walmart – it’s an atrocious rayon blend and do not recommend it) and appliqued a big ‘T’ in the center (like I haven’t done enough applique lately). I made it easy on myself and serged all the edges of the cape (also in black – not only did it match the applique color, but I didn’t have to change the thread) and finished off the top with some pink Hello Kitty ribbon. Taylor loves it and I have to admit, I sort of do too!

3 thoughts on “Superhero Cape

  1. CGCouture

    Cool! I never went all out on spirit week except during that short stint I had as a cheerleader. *shudder* I’ll bet Taylor looked awesome with her character, did it have a cool name too? And even though the fabric wasn’t cool to work with, it definitely looks nice in the pictures.

  2. Karen marble

    yeah, I’m sewing some synthetic stretch fabric for my Halloween costume and it’s not super easy… mainly because I sewed in the zipper BACKWARDS and I have to take the whole thing out! I’m afraid it will cause some runs or other hideousness when I do so. :/

  3. bernadette

    Awesome cape! ( I went to Catholic girl’s school and our version of “spirt day”‘ was quite uninteresting in comparison!)

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