Lots of Applique

Aside from some new fabrics that I pre-purchased, the only other thing that I asked for my birthday was some time in the sewing room…. and I got it this weekend. Sadly, the only thing I really accomplished was a lot of applique. While it’s a lot of work out of the way, I kind of left feeling like I didn’t do much (I think I should have worked on something that either would have been an instant gratification project or I could have seen more progress after several hours worth of work). I think in the end, it’ll be worth all the work, but in the mean time I can’t help but feel disappointed.
Consequently, I think I’m working on a couple of shirts for my Onesie Swap – I think that there’s an instant gratification project or two in there! By the way, since I got my new computer (I believe it’s coincidental) I am no longer receiving notifications about comments being made on the site (the comments, unless considered spam by the program is being posted, I just don’t always know that anyone has said anything) so it’s taking me quite some time to respond to questions or comments.

One thought on “Lots of Applique

  1. CGCouture

    You have more patience than I, doing all of that applique. *eek* Just the thought of doing all of the ones you did makes my eyes cross, LOL! They are definitely going to be cute though! 🙂

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