I know that there’s never a good time for it, but my laptop is toast. It’s not like we don’t have other computers to use in the mean time, but this one has all my deadline projects on it! Fortunately, Bret was able pull all my documents off my hard drive and put them onto another computer (yay, my panic is over) but for now, I am sans laptop. I also noticed that many of my comments are being sent to my ‘spam’ folder. I’m in the process of weeding these out and trying to answer them – so if you’ve sent in a comment and I haven’t answered that’s probably why!
Since my computer is down, I’ve spent considerably less time on the internet and have had more time to concentrate on projects….. One is Easton’s upcoming Halloween costume! I even went out this afternoon and rounded up some fabrics so the project is official and up on the sidebar. Now all I have left to do is decide if he’ll go the ‘extra’ mile and wear a mask so I can make him a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle!