Blossom Handbag

Today, I intend on getting the rest of my supplies for my Amy Butler’s Style Stitches Sew Along purse – the Blossom Handbag (shown on the left). It just so happens that I am using the exact fabric that’s in the photo (August Fields Bright Buds in Grey) – not just because it’s the same as the one in the photo, but it just happened to be what carried at the time I ordered. I’m not as happy with my selection for the inside of the bag, however. I picked the “Sunrise Seafoam” and it’s just not quite the same colors as the Bright Buds fabric. To make matters worse, there really wasn’t a solid color that matched the “Sunrise Seafoam” so I picked an ‘Ivory” solid….. it doesn’t match anything (it’s pretty, but doesn’t match). I’m hoping when I go to the store today, I’ll find something that might work. Once I make my final purchases, I’ll post this project up to the sidebar…. I’m anxious to see what this might total up to. What is everyone else planning on making?

6 thoughts on “Blossom Handbag

  1. Marion

    Hi Stacy,
    my copy of the book is on the way…can’t wait to pick a bag to use for the sew along. Although the one in the picture looks pretty cool already 🙂

  2. Karen Marble

    Oh! I love that purse! Is it only in her new book, or does she sell patterns for it also?

  3. Carrie

    Okay, made my decision..since I am hooked on all things ruffled right now, I am making the Miss Maven Ruffled Handbag.
    I’m doing the smaller version and got all my fabrics today. Yay!!
    If I have enough left over I am going to make the Beautiful Balance Checkbook Cover too. I really need a checkbook cover. 🙂

  4. Jane

    I tried to make the blossom bag today and found that the magnetic closure on the front seemed to be placed far too low. I had to rip out the front tags and now I am in a quandry of how to cover the satin stitched area where the ties and the handle comes together in the front.
    I also found that the bottom width as 1.25″ too long.

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