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Linky Thursday

When did I become such a sucker for hats? I think I need this one too!
How to add embellishments to your clothing and accessories.
An easy, yet cute set of towels you can embellish in time for Halloween.
Easton is crazy for animals, especially amphibians. So you can be that at some point I’ll be making a few of these Party Turtles.
Why carry around pocket sized tissues in a plain plastic when you can keep your Kleenex beautiful with these little tissue holders.
The fall edition of Knitty is up. There are plenty of yummy socks, accessories, and even a plush for this season’s goodies.

Turn a t-shirt into a pair of kids pants.

After seeing Sew Liberated versions of felted soap (crafted with a toddler), I think I might like to give this a whirl as well.
Step-by-step instruction on inserting a yoke into a shirt.
The Lady Grey has to be one of my favorite Colette Patterns. Here’s how you can win one for yourself.


For quite some time, I’ve been eying the Scientific Seamstress’ All-the-Rage Raglans. Since I decided that for this round of the Onesie Swap I would sew up several of my shirts, I thought that would be the perfect excuse to try out this pattern (I thought I could sew up one for Easton and one for my partner). For my first version, I opted to use a small scale skeleton print and a stripe print that I harvested from my Butterick 4920 top (while there was plenty enough material for one raglan, there wasn’t quite enough for two – so I’ve decided that I’ll do Jalie 2918 for my second version).
The pattern itself is wonderful. I can’t speak as to how the fit is, but I love the options that comes with this shirt: a variety of sleeve and hem lengths, mock layered sleeves, and 3 different styles of hoods (lined and unlined). The instructions are great as well. There are plenty of tips and tricks on working with knits and all the steps are lined out clearly (with lots of illustrations and photos) so I would highly recommend this pattern for anyone new to working with knits. Best of all it’s unisex and fits sizes 6 months-12 years.

Faux Tie

“Tie Shirts” are probably one of the most popular kids tee embellishments (at least on the web). Since this was one of the styles that my Onesie Swap partner had indicated she liked, how could I pass it up? Of course, I couldn’t just make any tie, so I decided to put a spin on it – using an Alexander Henry tattoo print for the fabric. I actually like the way this one turned out so much I wish I could keep it for myself…. well, Easton at least.

Halloween Goodies

My Halloween Swap partner mailed my package off this week and it arrived…. yesterday! I felt so spoiled because inside were all sorts of fantastic goodies:

Inside was an apron (oddly enough we both made this for each other!), an Elmo tote for my Easton to carry for Halloween, some fantastic (handcrafted)Halloween soaps, candies, toys, and tats, a knitted kitty hat, some spider web fabric (that I have already determined with be a witch hat fascinator), some vintage movie poster magnets (that are on my board in my craft room already), and an icecream scoop headband for Taylor (she LOVES it and it really is amazing). Here’s some closeups of the last two:

I Heart Mom

I ‘ve had lots of ideas swirling round in my head as to what I could make for my partner in the Week of Baby Onesies Swap, so it’s been hard narrowing down which ones I wanted to make. One shirt she indicated she wanted was a “Mom Tattoo” shirt so I knew this was one that I had to make. Originally, I had wanted to paint this shirt up, but I wasn’t sure how it would turn out in the end, so I decided to applique it instead – after all, I’ve been on an applique binge with all those shorts! After I finished, I was wishing I would have used a print with more red – the heart just blends into the shirt too much and gets lost, but overall I like the end design…. I’ll definitely have to keep it in mind for future shirts.
As I’m stitching up this round of swap goodies, I’m planning items on my next one. Partners were released the other day and I was paired up with the same person from the Halloween swap (I’ve never had that happen before and especially after not two consecutive swaps!) – and after reading two of our questionnaires, I see why…. we have a lot of the same likes and dislikes. Consequently, ‘stalking’ for this one has been easy since I’ve done most of that already and she’s given me some great starter ideas. I’m very excited about the package I’m thinking of putting together – now I just need to settle on which projects to make otherwise this stocking is going to be HUGE!

Linky Thursday

Just in time for Halloween, Hot Patterns has posted a new freebie on – a witch hat and fascinator.
Are you a Bloglines subscriber? Be sure to move all your feeds over, this service will be shutting down October 1.
I need one of these design skins for my Bernina.
Learn how to make Yo-Yos with Clover’s quick and easy tool in this video tutorial, plus ideas on how to put all those Yo-Yos to good use!
It’s Amy Butler giveawaysenter this contest for two free patterns and leave a comment here to win Soul Blossom fabric.
It’s not free, but I thought this Huck Fin cap was too cute not to mention – it reminds me of Brad Pitt.
Not one. Not two. Not three, but 24 free apron pattern tutorials.
Create and endless scarf or a slightly bulkier infinity scarf to wear with your fall wardrobe.
A tutorial (of sorts) that shows you how to use a man’s shirt collar and turn it into a ‘necklace’. (scroll down for an English translation)
Learn how to sew piping (and 20 projects you can use with it).
I recently read that using cloth napkins are the easiest way to add some elegance to your dinner table. Skip buying them in the store and make some of your own – this tutorial even teaches you how to miter the corners.
Schmiel, schmazel. Hausenpfeiffer incorporated! Learn how to add a monogram to your sweater.

Superhero Cape

This week is “Spirit Week” at Taylor’s school. Each day has a different theme – yesterday’s was “Superhero Day”. Taylor decided that she was going all out for this one and created her own ‘character’ for it. Consequently, she asked for a (short) cape and I knocked out this one in no time flat. I used a pink zebra printed material (from Walmart – it’s an atrocious rayon blend and do not recommend it) and appliqued a big ‘T’ in the center (like I haven’t done enough applique lately). I made it easy on myself and serged all the edges of the cape (also in black – not only did it match the applique color, but I didn’t have to change the thread) and finished off the top with some pink Hello Kitty ribbon. Taylor loves it and I have to admit, I sort of do too!

Lots of Applique

Aside from some new fabrics that I pre-purchased, the only other thing that I asked for my birthday was some time in the sewing room…. and I got it this weekend. Sadly, the only thing I really accomplished was a lot of applique. While it’s a lot of work out of the way, I kind of left feeling like I didn’t do much (I think I should have worked on something that either would have been an instant gratification project or I could have seen more progress after several hours worth of work). I think in the end, it’ll be worth all the work, but in the mean time I can’t help but feel disappointed.
Consequently, I think I’m working on a couple of shirts for my Onesie Swap – I think that there’s an instant gratification project or two in there! By the way, since I got my new computer (I believe it’s coincidental) I am no longer receiving notifications about comments being made on the site (the comments, unless considered spam by the program is being posted, I just don’t always know that anyone has said anything) so it’s taking me quite some time to respond to questions or comments.