Michael Kors Critiques My Clothes

It’s probably because I’ve watched too many episodes of Project Runway over the past few years, but sometimes, in my head, I hear Michael Kors critiquing my garments – and it’s never good news when he does. Recently he ‘told’ me a top looked like “something a pregnant hooker would wear” and last night, he ‘said’ that this project (the fabric on the left) looked like “it belonged under the big top”. Thank goodness I’m not a contestant on PR, I think my fabric choices of late would get me the boot! Anybody else do this too, or have I been working too hard on deadlines that I’ve become delusional?

2 thoughts on “Michael Kors Critiques My Clothes

  1. Mary

    Too funny Stacy! Yes, I hear Michael’s snarky comments sometimes as I am creating! Moreover though it’s Tim’s gentle voice guiding me on, which is rather comforting. Tim sure let Gretchen have it last episode…I was shocked, but he just said the thoughts that were in my head! Hmmm, maybe Tim is now channeling me…fascinating!!! 🙂

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