One More

Following on the coat tails of yesterday’s post is another peek at an upcoming project for the Sewing Republic! While this project was one of the first ideas I had in my head, surprisingly, it was one of the last tutorials I wrote up – I had so many different ‘directions’ I could have gone with it that I had a difficult time nailing down exactly what I wanted to do. However, once I saw the fabric, I knew immediately! Anyone want to take a stab at who the designer is?

1 thought on “One More

  1. Jacqui

    They look Michael Miller’ish but I don’t recall seeing this line. BTW, I was cutting the Wee Woodland FQ’s at work when my boss told me she was sending a pack out. It hit me that she was sending them to you as the winner of the giveaway! Small world, isn’t it?

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