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The Next Projects

With some sewing deadlines behind me, it’s time to think about doing some sewing just for me – alright, maybe just for the kids. Over the weekend, I purchased two (downloadable) sewing patterns. The first is The Scientific Seamstress’ Bowling Shirt. I am envisioning doing this one up in solids and creating a cute, retro bowling team design for the back. The second pattern is a military style cap made from a bandana. I LOVE hats and while I’m not sure if I’m crazy for the overall design (I think the cap portion might be too high), I love the finished look in camouflage…. and Easton may even wear it.
Of course, tomorrow is September which means……. the start of Amy Butler’s Style Stitches Sew Along! I’ll be posting a full review of the book tomorrow and in the mean time, finishing up collecting the notions needed to make my bag (FYI for those of you needing interfacing, Joann’s will be having theirs 50% off this weekend!).

Michael Kors Critiques My Clothes

It’s probably because I’ve watched too many episodes of Project Runway over the past few years, but sometimes, in my head, I hear Michael Kors critiquing my garments – and it’s never good news when he does. Recently he ‘told’ me a top looked like “something a pregnant hooker would wear” and last night, he ‘said’ that this project (the fabric on the left) looked like “it belonged under the big top”. Thank goodness I’m not a contestant on PR, I think my fabric choices of late would get me the boot! Anybody else do this too, or have I been working too hard on deadlines that I’ve become delusional?

In Love With Ottobre Fall

The latest issue of Ottobre Woman arrived in my mailbox yesterday and it is STELLAR! I am totally in love with the knit dress (anyone know where I might find a similar material?), wool coat, and the workout designs from this magazine. Now I’m very motivated to get my ‘work’ done so I can dig into some of these new fall patterns!
Also included in this issue is a wrap pattern – there are several different stylings for this design and I have to admit, I sort of like the two tone look the best. Have your own opinion on which one you’d wear? Then share it on the Ottobre blog and you could win a wrap and tunic made to your own measurements as well as for two viscose/wool wraps!

Linky…. FRIDAY!

It’s not too late to get your free Spoonflower swatch – this promotion runs until noon today.
Spice up your closet with some hanging little lavender sachets from the Sewing Republic!
Need more fabric? Pink Chalk fabric is having a giveaway every Tuesday.
School is back in session and if you little one is in need of a nap mat, this one from Prudent Baby is adorable!
I thought that this Monokini was so fabulous – she’s even provided a tutorial for you to make your own.
Learn how to sew a ‘fashion doll’ (aka Barbie) dress.
If you’re a fan of Brassy Apple then you’ll love her latest giveaway – a DIY Shaggy Mosaic kit for girls.
After seeing this video for a cute ‘little flat bear’, I’m looking forward to checking out the author’s new book, Make Your Own Toys.
Sewing a scarf couldn’t be easier, just add some elastic thread for added punch!
This storage pouch may be designed for a top bunk bed, but I can see it working in so many different places!
Win a copy of Craft Hope.
If childrens wear intimidates you, this quick read may help give you a nudge to get started.
A new Sew Forth Now podcast is up.
You don’t need to be a student to carry around this library tote, it’s too cute not to show off.
It’s hard to think about winter when it’s still hot out, but these funky, felted hats are so cute – I can’t wait for it to get cold.
Keep summer alive – make some of these strawberry pillows to put in your sunroom.


What started off looking like food poisoning (no eggs or Walmart sandwiches were involved), has turned into looking more like a flu bug. Consequently, Linky Thursday will be postponed until tomorrow. Now the question is – where’s my Lysol?

One More

Following on the coat tails of yesterday’s post is another peek at an upcoming project for the Sewing Republic! While this project was one of the first ideas I had in my head, surprisingly, it was one of the last tutorials I wrote up – I had so many different ‘directions’ I could have gone with it that I had a difficult time nailing down exactly what I wanted to do. However, once I saw the fabric, I knew immediately! Anyone want to take a stab at who the designer is?


I’ve been very busy putting the finishing touches on tutorials and sewing up ‘samples’ for some upcoming projects at The Sewing Republic. The photo on the right is one that I completed over the weekend. I love this one because I have a ‘thing’ for grommets and this particular project has plenty of hardware!
Speaking of hardware, has anyone checked out the latest issue of Sew Stylish? Not only did I think that it was a great issue, but they had a FANTASTIC leather bag (pattern included, however you have to use a copier to blow up the pieces) with side grommets. I also liked the creative use of buttons as purse feet.

My Weekend In Review

I’m calling the past two days my ‘Amy Butler weekend’. Not only did the Sandlewood Jacket (and I just noticed it’s reversible – two jackets in one!) and Honey Bun Poufs arrive in the mail, but the postman finally delivered Amy Butler’s Style Stitches (I’ll do a full review later this week)! Since it was the weekend, I had plenty of time to check everything out… now it’s time to narrow down some fabric choices for the Style Stitches Sew Along!
Speaking of fabric, I won a Wee Woodland fat quarter bundle thanks to Pat Sloan and Pink Chalk Studio! I’ll have to browse around some patternsbooks and see how I can put these cuties to good use.
With that said, it’s time to get busy and set to work on finishing up a few tutorials. I now have all the materials I need to sew ‘the finished product’ and the drafts are just needing to be cleaned up. Stay tuned for ‘sneak peeks’!

Upcoming Pincushion?

I had great intentions on this weekend being productive. However, I ‘slept in’ this morning and it threw my plans completely off! Consequently, I scrapped the sewing and took the kids to Hobby Lobby (where they got foam swords), a walk around a local landmark (until it got too hot), and topped it off with a trip two fabric stores. I wandered around our new quilt shop and popped in next door to Sew Much. While I was there I managed to pick up several yards of a wonderful, drapey, shiny pewter, knit – I have no idea what I want to do with it, but I’ve had my eye on it for awhile and Taylor thought it was awesome too. Taylor also requested a pattern – Vanilla House Designs’ Cups and Needles. I know that there are lots of free designs out there for similar pincushions, but I’m sure that these have clear instructions that Taylor can follow – plus she said she’d be making me one for my birthday. Now how can I pass that up?

I’m A Book Junkie Too

Happy Friday! I’m thrilled that I survived the first week of school and have (almost) made it to the weekend. To celebrate, I added to pre-orders to my Amazon shopping cart last night: U-Handbag‘s first publication, The Bag Making Bible: The Complete Guide to Sewing and Customizing Your Own Unique Bags and Little Green Dresses: 50 Original Patterns for Repurposed Dresses, Tops, Skirts, and More. Both of these books come out in September, but I’m hoping that Amazon get’s them in early.
I’m also taking inwindow shopping some fabric shopping this weekend. We have a new quilt shop that has opened up and I can’t wait to see what fabrics that they have – not to mention some faux leather that the shop next door is carrying (yes, that’s right TWO fabric stores right next door to each other!).
With that said, I had better move some items off my ‘to do list’. I am DETERMINED to put a cork into several deadlines that I have – that way I can get to all those ‘other’ projects I want to work on. Cross your fingers for a long (Easton) nap – it’s something that has been missing from my week.