Banana Split

Since Taylor was a little girl, she has always started planning for Halloween right about the time school starts up. This year is no different, but this time her costume is for a group and involves a sketch…. this year, Taylor (and her friends) want to be a banana split. She even drew up a sketch – Taylor and a friend as banana halves, the rest as ice cream scoops with whipped cream hats with a cherry on top. She said she was giving me enough time to work on other projects and still have enough time to plan out hers. I laid in bed last night trying to visualize how I could do this one – I may have some ideas, but I think it’s going to take lots of ‘muslins’ for me to get it right.
Anyone else planning out their Halloweencarnival costumes already? If so, what are you making?

3 thoughts on “Banana Split

  1. CGCouture

    Wow…Taylor’s definitely on top of her game, I haven’t even THOUGHT about Halloween yet (too hot to think about much of anything IMO, LOL!) but maybe I’d actually have a costume if I started now. 😉 I think I might try a peasant blouse and be a “wench” for Halloween…no clue what to make for my little man though. Hmmm….

  2. Jessi

    Oh ya, my husband and I always talk about Halloween costumes in July/August. One year we had to decide early because we needed 4th of July fabric (he was Rex Kwan-Do from Napoleon Dynamite). We already have our son’s costume!

  3. Karen

    We start talking halloween costumes in July as well… although I usually have made a decision way before now… usually right after last Halloween’s night out! This year we’re going to be “gothic greecian”. going as gothic versions of Hades and Persephone. bought the fabric last year after Halloween and already have the patterns, PLUS I already have some great Halloween brocade to use too!

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