To Infinity And Beyond!

In honor of Comic-Con (that’s going on right now), here is my own superhero modeling his new costume (it needs altering, there is no way he can do ‘to infinity and beyond’ without tripping). In keeping with the Comic-Con theme, for those of you who are as big of Star Wars geeks as myself, here’s a great article on Mythbusting Princess Leia’s Hair. I probably could have told you that those buns weren’t do-able, I had the Princess Leia Barbie with the styling hair as a kid and never could get any of those looks to work.
As for the boxers, the fabric is cut and ready to go! I made a small for Taylor and a medium for myself, but I can already tell (just by looking at the seat) that they are going to be huge on me. They are supposed to be a ‘relaxed’ fit, but I think it might be a bit too relaxed for my taste. Consequently, I’m skipping the lettering on mine…. I might be able to fit a sentence on the backside. By the way, this project has been added to the sidebar!

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