Finished Duffel

With a bulk of the work behind me, all I had left with my Echino duffel was to attach the ends. This was really straightforward, but the only drawback is that the inside leaves you with some exposed ‘raw’ edges. I fixed this by zigzagging the edges to give it a bit of a cleaner look – I may just serge them in the future.
So, what were my overall impressions? This particular bag wasn’t as easy as what I found other Echino patterns – not all the steps were illustrated which makes you stop to think what you should be doing in between. Consequently, I’d recommend this project for someone with some bag making experience or at the very least an intermediate sewer. Additionally, if you’re turned off by exposed seams, I wouldn’t recommend this either as the way this duffel is constructed, there’s no way around them. I’m also not thrilled with how it’s put together, especially the zipper area (you can read more about that in yesterday’s post) and the handles. I think in the future, I’ll take a different approach with both of these. With that said, I do love the finished bag – it’s size is perfect for making it an overnighter (although it turned out much smaller looking than I anticipated even though the measurements are spot on….. could it be the camera angle on the pattern cover?) and I think the outside pocket is a cute touch. Best of all, I got try out a new foot for my Bernina…. a piping foot! This was the first time I’ve ever used one (I’ve been using the zipper foot method previously) and loved it! I’m hoping to put together a tutorial in the coming weeks as I get more adept at using it.