Asymmetric Top, Complete!

Looking for an instant gratification project? Then I HIGHLY recommend Kwik Sew’s latest sewing pattern, the Asymmetric Tops! I totally loved the styling on this one and have to say, I think it would look great on everyone – plus the ruched side is extremely flattering! The sewing is perfect for just about any sewing level and comes together quickly (so long as you or your family members don’t get this wicked cold – by the way, what’s up with a “summer cold”, I can’t remember the last time I had one?). My only disappointment with this top is the topstitching around the arms, which is totally all my fault since it’s the sewing that looks ‘meh’. I believe that the only way to fix this is by adding a bit of interfacing to the binding around the arms before sewing – I would highly recommend this especially if your material is ‘slick’ and super stretchy like mine.
Overall, I am totally in love with this top – I even love the color (I was on the fence about using this purple color since I thought it would wash me out, but it’s absolutely gorgeous…. now I wish I had more)! I can definitely see making this one again, especially in the fall for the long sleeved version.
With that said, I believe it’s time to clean up the sewing room – I can no longer see table surfaces again….. What’s on your sewing ‘to do list’ this weekend?

8 thoughts on “Asymmetric Top, Complete!

  1. Melissa

    Cute! I’ve been waiting for you to get it finished so I could see. Looks like a great top! 🙂

  2. Jessi

    I haven’t purchased a pattern for myself in a long time. But I might have to get this one. I love your top!

  3. CGCouture

    Cute! Not something I would wear, but cute all the same. 🙂 I feel your pain on cleaning the sewing area. I’ve got to finish up quite a few projects and clean up the room(s) too…at least we’re supposed to have dreadfully hot weather this weekend, so I won’t feel like I’m really missing out on being outside. Ugh, and what is with all the humidity?

  4. Chantal

    Yes I am looking for an instant gratification… I haven’t sewed a lot lately, but I just ordered this pattern, and I can’t wait to start sewing this one!

  5. Joanne

    Darn it – I said I was going to stop making things for me for a bit, but now I totally want to to make this. Looks fabulous, & is probably even better once on 🙂

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