Memorial Day Construction

I hope everyone had great weather for the long weekend. For once, the temperature was warm, the wind was low, and the rains held out to later in the evening…. absolutely beautiful. In fact, it was nice enough for Bret to put together this:

I’d love to help take credit for this too, but I didn’t have much of anything to do with it. My job was to keep Easton out of the way and attempt to rid myself of this cold (I honestly can’t recall ever having a cold this late in spring) – which is proving to be unsuccessful. Irregardless of how I’m feeling, I am making my way into the sewing room today – I am determined to finish up the asymmetrical top (or at least do everything but the hem) so I can wear it this weekend.
What did everyone else accomplish this weekend – any holiday sewing or great BBQs? By the way, for anyone interested in constructing one of these sets for themselves – the ‘it only takes 12 hours to build’ tag on the ‘package’ seems to be about 15-20 hours off!