Epic Fail

Since I’ve been sick enough the past few days that I haven’t felt like sewing, I thought today, I would report on a side project that I’ve embarked on….. gardening. This year, I thought I would give tomato and strawberry plants a go. While the tomatoes are just now starting to pop out – the strawberry experiment has been an epic fail. Oh sure, I started getting some strawberries, but they stayed teeny-tiny and never tasted sweet enough. Then, came the rains and completely ruined the plants – that, is totally my fault as the container I’d used didn’t have adequate drainage. The moral of this story: Stacy should stick with sewing!

4 thoughts on “Epic Fail

  1. Haley

    Hope your tomatoes do GREAT! Strawberries usually take a year to get established. The first year the flowers should be picked off so the plants are encouraged to send out runners to make more plants. The next year the berries should be larger and taste awesome – we’ve been having a lot of strawberries this year which taste much better than those from the store! Try them again! Enjoy reading about your sewing projects. I used to teach FACS in high school and taught a variety of clothing classes.

  2. bernadette

    I grew two tomato plants last year and they were healthy and the plants got huge. But they produced too few tomatoes over the season to keep us happy. Not enough sun in our tree-ringed yard back yard. So, farmer’s market it is!
    But my flowering plants are doing great!

  3. blakely

    We have planted Strawberries the last two years and haven’t had any luck with them. I think next year we aren’t going to waste any money on trying to grow them.

  4. Amy M in Indiana

    yeah, don’t give up on the strawberries yet! Wait until next year –if they don’t get eaten up rabbits they’ll be bigger and better!

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