New Life

I wish before I had embarked on my latest project, I would have thought to take a ‘before’ photo….. instead, I spent the morning scrolling through photographs to find one (fortunately I did). You see, about 9 years ago, I made a chair for Taylor (McCall 9665) that used remnants of home dec.fabric. It looked great for years, but after lots of kids sitting in it, the poor chair (even after restuffing) sagged, drooped, and looked sad overall. This weekend, I bought a 5 lb. box of fiberfill and was determined to give it new life!

Can you believe I added the entire box to the pillow forms (in addition to what was already there)? It’s probably over stuffed at the moment, but considering Easton is ‘bouncing’ on it, the fiberfill should settle quickly! At some point I’ll find some new fabrics and make a new cover for Easton, but at the moment, I think it looks great – plus it gives Easton someplace to sit that just his size.
For anyone thinking about making this pattern for themselves (it’s still in print), I highly recommend it. I would have still considered myself a beginner when I first made this chair and I don’t recall having too many difficulties. However, be prepared to purchase lots and lots of fiberfill to make this one up.