I’m not usually one to go to lots of garage sales – I’m just not up for going to lots of houses to find a treasure or two. However, with the Common Threads quilt show just a month away, I’m needing some furniturefixture pieces for display so I thought I would drive around a local neighborhood to see what I might find….. and I think I can easily say, “I Scored!” As I was driving by the first house, I saw a quilt rack! I think I screeched the car to a sudden halt and Easton and I got out of the car…. in our pajamas (I honestly didn’t think I would find anything) and found this little treasure for $2 – yes $2.

It needed a bit of love since the stain was uneven and didn’t have a lacquer coating, but I bought a can of glossy beige paint and gave it a new life. Now, my paint job is nothing to brag about…. I may have gotten more paint on myself than the rack and there are a few spots that you can still see the stain seeping through (even though I used 4 coats), but I think it looks so much better. I’m thinking of getting a crackle finish kit to hid my flaws, but then again, you’re supposed to be looking at the quilts on it, not the rack!

2 thoughts on “Score!

  1. bernadette

    Nice Rack – no pun intended!
    With all those coats of paint, you might want to make sure it is really dry and cured before you hang any goods on it. Some paints take a really long time to fully harden, especially on previously stained or treated surfaces. In our previous house, we had “tacky” kitchen cabinets for months after painting over old stain.( It was also a damp climate with no AC.)

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