Burnished Denim Purse

There’s a new project up at the Sewing Republic today, The Burnished Denim Purse. This one coordinates with the Burnished Denim Purse that was published a few months ago (I’m still searching for some cool embossed fabric like the model was made in). I’d love to hear if anyone makes this one up before I do – I love the shape to this bag and am wondering if I could pull it off with leather….. believe it or not, I have some, stashed, just waiting for the right project!

2 thoughts on “Burnished Denim Purse

  1. sophia clater

    Please let us know how the leather is to work with. I am too chicken to try it yet.

  2. marla

    Cute bag. I think it would look great in about any fabric. Leather would look awesome. Can’t wait to see what you choose!

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