I’m happy to report that the shirts for Kwik Sew 3034 are completely finished! (the shorts are almost done, but I still need to add a tag, fold the waistband and insert the elastic). The shirts are pretty straightforward sewing, but I wound up needing to cut different material for the neckbands. Even though the material I originally intended on using fits the ”pick-a-knit” rule, it was so tight fitting it around the neck that I didn’t see how I would squeeze Easton’s head through the hole once it was done….. something to keep in mind if you decide to sew this one for yourself!
Now it’s off to enjoy the one, non-rainy day of the week and hopefully wear out Easton enough that I can finish those shorts.

2 thoughts on “Shirts!

  1. CGCouture

    Cute shirts! I made my son a shirt out of the same “bulldozer” fabric. 🙂 I had to use a plain white ribbing for the neck though, since I couldn’t get the bulldozer fabric to stretch enough. Did you just cut the neck hole larger to compensate?

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