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Blue Skies

Before you say it, I already know. I have sewing ADHD. Its not that I don’t finish projects, it’s that I that new ones totally distract me from others….. Instead of starting the asymmetrical top, I decided to whip up a Blue Sky Hat. Surprisingly, I had everything I needed on hand and was able to whip this one up in an afternoon.
The exterior fabric was left over from a dress I had made Taylor when she was a little girl (we’re talking 3 or 4?) so it felt great moving something out of the stash that had been hanging out for so long. Since it was lightweight, the instructions called for three layers of canvas along the brim, however I thought that it would be too thick and heavy doing it this way and reduced the interlining to two layers which seemed to work well (my canvas might have been heavier that what was intended). Overall this project was extremely easy to put together (and fast too) – even someone who doesn’t have experience with making hats (or advanced beginner) should have great results with their version.

Handmade Beginnings

Even though I have no intentions of expanding our family, I couldn’t help but pick up Anna Maria Horner’s latest release, Handmade Beginnings: 24 Sewing Projects to Welcome Baby. Not only do I love her style, but with several friends expecting soon, I figured I could make several projects to welcome their new little one. I never expected that I would find some projects that I would want to make for myself.
Aside from a simple introduction (personally, I was happy that there wasn’t a section devoted to ‘how to sew’), the book is divided into 4 sections: For mom (which include projects such as slippers, bag, thank you notebook, and a wonderfully creative blouse that allows you to easily nurse), for baby (cutie projects include an adorable hoodie, booties, and even a sleep sack), for the family (high on my list is the ‘dad bag’ – I’m thinking I may need this before Bret), and nest sewing (lincluding a mobile and lampshade, several quilts, and an adorable chicken stuffie complete with baby chicks). With over 20 projects in Handmade Beginnings there’s lots of variety in this book – in fact you don’t even need a baby to make some of them!
Now time to find some Anna Maria fabrics to recreate some of these projects….. I see a new bag in my future!

Weekend Recap

The weekend always seems to go too fast. Aside from making a new pair of pajamas, there was lots of activity going on. First up, my head arrived – my ‘jewelry’ display head (it’s even wearing the jewelry that I picked up this weekend). While Taylor thinks it’s very creepy, Easton is totally enamored with it and wants to drag it around from room to room. Now that it’s here, I’m shopping the stash as to what fabric(s) will become the Blue Sky Hat that will set upon it!
We also wrapped up a very rainy week of Riverfest. Thankfully, it was dry enough for some of the most popular events like the Block Party. These events usually bring out some of the more ‘interesting’ folks…. like Bobba Fett and the midwest’s “Harajuku” crowd.

The most interesting? Finding a cow (remember we live in the midwest) on the first teebox of a local golf course. Apparently, it’s not that uncommon…….
On a completely different note, has anyone been able to check out Small Stash Sewing: 24 Projects Using Designer Fat Quarters? I’ve had this on my wishlist for some time…..

One More Pair

Because I couldn’t help but make one more pair of pajamas…… I present The Dino Jammies. I have to say, I am quite impressed with this Joann knit – it’s a beefier weight, super soft, and sews up extremely well (in fact, this would make a perfect material for someone wanting to try sewing on knits). In fact, I’m so happy with it, I may have to go back this year and see what they have in stock that’s similar in weight!
Now I just need to wait for the weather to warm up before I put Easton in these – our temperatures the past few weeks have taken a dive (and are unusually cool for this time of year). Next up – the asymmetrical top!

New Shorts…. Made By Taylor

I am so thrilled that sewing isn’t dead in home economics style classes – look what Taylor came home with…. a pair of pajama shorts! Not only was she very proud of herself (she’s wearing them around the house as we speak), they fit well, and I think she learned all the work that goes into some of the project that I work on for her. She wasn’t sure what pattern she used for these shorts, but I’m fairly certain that if she gets to bring what they used home, she’d make this one again.
Now off to work on some sewing for myself…. or at the very least clean up the sewing room. How does it manage to get so messy so quickly?

Stick A Fork In Me, I’m Done!

Wow, it’s Friday – where has the entire week gone? I am happy to say that at least one project is entirely done….. Easton’s pajamas. I’ve been thrilled with Kwik Sew’s kid’s pajama patterns – they’re easy to sew and consistently have a great fit. Now if I could just get some cool character knits for boys (like Toy Story, Shrek), I’d never have to purchase store bought ones again! In fact I like this pattern so much, I’ve already cut out another set, this time in dinosaurs. This particular print I picked up late last year when Joann’s had knit prints at 60% off (it’s a great, beefy weight knit that looks like it should sew up well). Then onto the asymmetrical top before making some prototypes for The Sewing Republic (I have the second large project mapped out – now lets see if the math is correct!). What’s on your sewing list for the weekend?

Linky Thursday

Livin’ the dorm life? Carry all your goodies to the shower with this adorable shower tote.
U-Handbag has a new, free bag pattern – The Big n’ Beautiful Betty.
Eons ago I had hunted around for a fabric fortune cookie pattern – now that I don’t need it, I finally discovered a great one.
Summer vacation is almost here and if you’re looking for some cool projects to do with your kids, hop on over to the C&T Publishing blog where they’re giving away an Arterro Art Kit.
Looking for an instant gratification project? Learn how to make a tote bag in 20 minutes.
I think I’m still on an apron kick, this cute little ruffled version is just calling me to make it!
Now that Amy Butler has wallpaper, I kidded around with my husband that I was going to create and entire Amy Butler room (bedding, rug, towels, etc.) – little does he know I’m dead serious.
Have lots of knit fabric scraps? Turn them into a pieced t-shirt for your little one.

Tara is back at and this time she’s got her own knitting blog! Read more about her passion and find a tutorial to make a free notions bag.
Roll up your art supplies and go with this Traveling Art Show pattern.
Grosgrain loves the YUDU – in fact she likes it so much, she’ll make you a (one-color) shirt of your own design!
Change up the look of your dining room with this collection of napkin rings and placemats!
Perfect for summer days, the Leisurely Dress pattern for little girls.
I love decorator pillows….. this Big Bow Pillow is no exception.

Random Purchases

Even thought I pledged that I was stash sewing this month, somehow I still managed to pick up 3 new fabrics….. Now I wouldn’t call it ‘falling off the wagon’ so much as ‘restocking shelves’ because I’m not the one who selected this round – it was Taylor. You see, I had stopped by Needle Nook for some new Marvy marker (I just love those pens) when Taylor spotted two fabrics that she wanted…. the Love print on the left and the deer print on the right. Since she is substantially harder to find prints for, I decided to go ahead and pick them up – I figured if I waited, they’d be gone. While I was there, I went ahead and picked up this cute ribbed robot print for Easton – they screamed pjs. Now to get Taylor to decide what to do with the rest of the material….
Probably my most random purchase has got to be what I bought yesterday: a mannequin display head. I had always admired Jennifer Perkins‘ mannequin (it graces the cover of her book) and had just assumed that it was something she found at a thrift store, or was something vintage. A few weeks ago, I saw the same one displaying jewelry at a local shop and just about asked the manager where they got it….. that’s when I turned my search to eBay and found it. In a bit of crafty, geeky giddiness, I bought it. While it seems like a totally useless purchase, I intend on using it for displaying items in my booth at this year’s Common Threads Quilt show (by the way if you happen to be in the Wichita area in late June, stop by and see me!)… now to make up that Big Sky hat to show off!


I’m happy to report that the shirts for Kwik Sew 3034 are completely finished! (the shorts are almost done, but I still need to add a tag, fold the waistband and insert the elastic). The shirts are pretty straightforward sewing, but I wound up needing to cut different material for the neckbands. Even though the material I originally intended on using fits the ”pick-a-knit” rule, it was so tight fitting it around the neck that I didn’t see how I would squeeze Easton’s head through the hole once it was done….. something to keep in mind if you decide to sew this one for yourself!
Now it’s off to enjoy the one, non-rainy day of the week and hopefully wear out Easton enough that I can finish those shorts.

Taylor’s Projects

This past semester, Taylor has been taking FACS (Family And Consumer Science) – not only has she been cooking during class, but also sewing. This weekend, she decided to put some of her new knowledge to use and not only whip up a Mother’s Day Cake (which was delicious, by the way), but also dabble in some sewing.
Taylor stumbled across Cut Out +Keep over the weekend – one project that caught her eye was a sewn bracelet, embellished with buttons. Unfortunately, this cuff didn’t come with instructions and she wasn’t sure where to start. So, we sat down and I helped her figure out what she needed to do to make it work. I thought this was a good lesson in math (I think I may have even said “See how math is important in sewing?”) and determining how she should cut out the fabric to make it the finished size she was after and thinking about the steps she needed to do in sewing up the project (like why the elastic cording should be sewn on the right side of the fabric facing in so that when you turn the cuff right side out you have an elastic loop). And here’s how it turned out:

I think we may have a budding seamstress on our hands!