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Memorial Day Construction

I hope everyone had great weather for the long weekend. For once, the temperature was warm, the wind was low, and the rains held out to later in the evening…. absolutely beautiful. In fact, it was nice enough for Bret to put together this:

I’d love to help take credit for this too, but I didn’t have much of anything to do with it. My job was to keep Easton out of the way and attempt to rid myself of this cold (I honestly can’t recall ever having a cold this late in spring) – which is proving to be unsuccessful. Irregardless of how I’m feeling, I am making my way into the sewing room today – I am determined to finish up the asymmetrical top (or at least do everything but the hem) so I can wear it this weekend.
What did everyone else accomplish this weekend – any holiday sewing or great BBQs? By the way, for anyone interested in constructing one of these sets for themselves – the ‘it only takes 12 hours to build’ tag on the ‘package’ seems to be about 15-20 hours off!

Epic Fail

Since I’ve been sick enough the past few days that I haven’t felt like sewing, I thought today, I would report on a side project that I’ve embarked on….. gardening. This year, I thought I would give tomato and strawberry plants a go. While the tomatoes are just now starting to pop out – the strawberry experiment has been an epic fail. Oh sure, I started getting some strawberries, but they stayed teeny-tiny and never tasted sweet enough. Then, came the rains and completely ruined the plants – that, is totally my fault as the container I’d used didn’t have adequate drainage. The moral of this story: Stacy should stick with sewing!


What a way to start off summer vacation – sick. Easton managed to pick up some sort of horrible stomach bug (complete with a fever) and either I have some severe allergies (there is so much cottonwood blowing around it looks as if it’s snowing) or I have a cold – either way I feel as if I cough anymore I might bring up a chunk of lung. Consequently, I haven’t felt like doing anything sewing related other than surfing online fabric stores. However, right before we started feeling bad, I did manage to measure Easton for the Hot Scott Cargo Shorts Pattern…… and was disappointed to discover that he’s wayyyyy skinnier than the pattern itself (she said they run large, but I had no idea it would be that large). Consequently, I’m putting this one aside and looking for an Ottobre pattern I like – since I already know how they fit, I don’t have to fiddle too much with the sizing (when I eventually settle on a short pattern, I think I’ll make a matching Bucket Hat as well).

Linky Thursday

This dress is perfect: the fabric, the style, and the fact that you can make it in an hour!
As a rule, I generally don’t ‘trust’ tutorials that don’t know the name of clothing item they’re making, but the results of this one are cute. I can see making up one of these for a cool summer night.
Always wanted an expensive iron, but never wanted to shell out the $100 for one (yup, I’m one of them)…. now here’s your chance to win one!
Memorial Day is just a few days away which means that pools will be opening soon! Get ready for the water by sewing up one of these adorable beach towel totes.
Simplicity is offering 40% off their patterns until tomorrow just by entering BLOGPS40 at checkout.
With Easton almost ready for a ‘big boy bed’, I’ve been putting some thought into a new look to his room – including a new hamper. This tutorial is exactly what I’ve been looking for!
Keep your drink cute, knit up a water bottle cozy.
Win 2 yards of fabric from Contemporary Cloth!
LOST is over (feel free to share your thoughts of the finale here), but you don’t have to say goodbye completely – stock your shelves with Dharma supplies by making your own food labels.
Don’t spill a thing on you way to a BBQ this summer after you sew up one of these eco-friendly travel lids for your bowls.
I remember making one of these towel wraps for getting out of the shower – I never thought of doing it for the pool!
Easily the prettiest hooded towel and washcloth set – and you can make it yourself.
Stop carrying those simple fabric totes – whip up one of these ruffled versions instead!

School’s Out

Unbelievable. Taylor’s last day of school is today and tomorrow morning starts summer vacation. I’d like to say I’m going to get more sewing in (i.e. ‘built in babysitter’), but I’m not sure that’s going to be the case….. I think I’ll test the waters next week and see if I can squeeze in an extra hour or two – I have a HUGE list of projects I’d love to try out!

New Life

I wish before I had embarked on my latest project, I would have thought to take a ‘before’ photo….. instead, I spent the morning scrolling through photographs to find one (fortunately I did). You see, about 9 years ago, I made a chair for Taylor (McCall 9665) that used remnants of home dec.fabric. It looked great for years, but after lots of kids sitting in it, the poor chair (even after restuffing) sagged, drooped, and looked sad overall. This weekend, I bought a 5 lb. box of fiberfill and was determined to give it new life!

Can you believe I added the entire box to the pillow forms (in addition to what was already there)? It’s probably over stuffed at the moment, but considering Easton is ‘bouncing’ on it, the fiberfill should settle quickly! At some point I’ll find some new fabrics and make a new cover for Easton, but at the moment, I think it looks great – plus it gives Easton someplace to sit that just his size.
For anyone thinking about making this pattern for themselves (it’s still in print), I highly recommend it. I would have still considered myself a beginner when I first made this chair and I don’t recall having too many difficulties. However, be prepared to purchase lots and lots of fiberfill to make this one up.

Weekend In Review

Even though I never really touched a sewing machine over the weekend, I seemed to engage in LOTS of sewing activities…..
Saturday, I taught a beginning sewing class with two great ladies. I always seem to be inspired afterward – I think because everyone is so excited about their new skill that a lot of it rubs off on me too.
However, Sunday rolled around and all I seemed to have time for is a marathon shopping trip looking for a 46″ zipper – in white (it would have been a much shorter experience if one of our local Hancock Fabrics would have had more than one, yes one, employee working and responsible for everything). While I was out I did stumble across a very cool find – the exact deer knit fabric I got at Needle Nook (so for those of you interested in getting some for yourself, try your local Joann’s)…. and a 5 lb. package of fiberfill. But that is another story………


I’m not usually one to go to lots of garage sales – I’m just not up for going to lots of houses to find a treasure or two. However, with the Common Threads quilt show just a month away, I’m needing some furniturefixture pieces for display so I thought I would drive around a local neighborhood to see what I might find….. and I think I can easily say, “I Scored!” As I was driving by the first house, I saw a quilt rack! I think I screeched the car to a sudden halt and Easton and I got out of the car…. in our pajamas (I honestly didn’t think I would find anything) and found this little treasure for $2 – yes $2.

It needed a bit of love since the stain was uneven and didn’t have a lacquer coating, but I bought a can of glossy beige paint and gave it a new life. Now, my paint job is nothing to brag about…. I may have gotten more paint on myself than the rack and there are a few spots that you can still see the stain seeping through (even though I used 4 coats), but I think it looks so much better. I’m thinking of getting a crackle finish kit to hid my flaws, but then again, you’re supposed to be looking at the quilts on it, not the rack!

Burnished Denim Purse

There’s a new project up at the Sewing Republic today, The Burnished Denim Purse. This one coordinates with the Burnished Denim Purse that was published a few months ago (I’m still searching for some cool embossed fabric like the model was made in). I’d love to hear if anyone makes this one up before I do – I love the shape to this bag and am wondering if I could pull it off with leather….. believe it or not, I have some, stashed, just waiting for the right project!

Linky Thursday

Enter here for a chance to win a sweet prize pack of 4 C&T new releases!
Make a cute little pocket mirror for your purse (or even to match your purse!).
Mix crochet and sewing with the Summer Duet top.
Let your little artist get creative wherever they go after you make them a Kid’s Drawing Case.
Reversible bags must be the new ‘it’ pattern online because I’m pretty sure I posted a link for one last week (and maybe even the week before that!), but hey, what’s one more? & HotPatterns have unveiled a new pattern just in time for swimsuit season, The Peachy Beachy Coverup.
If you’ve managed to sang an iPad, you’ll definitely want some sort of cozy for it – here’s an easy felt tutorial that you can whip up in a matter of minutes (well, more like under an hour)! Of course, if you’re like me and just have an iPod, then here’s a great tutorial for a cozy that will keep your player and earphones from getting tangled together.
I thought that this cowl neck tunic was pretty cute – I think you can request this pattern via PDF from the author via this entry, but maybe I’m just reading it wrong?
Turn a drab camera bag into a cute little owl pouch.
Coming soon (right after Quilt Market to be exact): A line of sewing patterns from Betz White. I love the name, too…. Make New or Make Do!
I know it’s a kids book, but Klutz’s Glossy Bands looks incredibly fun. I entered this contest to win one of three copies – if I win, I think I’m keeping it for myself (maybe I’ll let Taylor make one).
Be entered to win a copy of The Sew It Book: Ten Things to Make with a Needle and Thread and Odds and Ends, just by answering a few questions from Sew News.