I’ve always had a lovehate relationship with USPS. While it’s fun and exciting to receive packages in the mail, I’ve periodically had some ‘difficulty’ getting my goodies delivered to me (on occasion they will mark the status as ‘delivered’ and then find it in the post office, send it to the wrong house, or just take their sweet time shipping it to me). I know that with the high volume of mail they go through, it’s inevitable that a few parcels will be ‘lost’ (you always hear about that 30 year old Christmas card finally being delivered to the correct address), but you never hope that yours is one of them. Unfortunately, my Sew It All package has grown legs and walked off. I’ve been sitting on pins and needles waiting to hear if they can’t find it somewhere in their mail room, but so far, haven’t heard anything…. in this case, I think ‘no news is bad news’. I’m guessing that I’ll be spending my weekend re-creating this project and sending it out to them again on Monday….. via a different service!

One thought on “LOST

  1. bernadette

    The post office has always come through for me – sending and receiving! I use the priority mail flat-rate boxes mostly. UPS has been good, too, but is no longer cheap or convenient to use unless you have a business account. Same issue with Fed Ex, plus the last two packages they delivered to me arrived in torn boxes AND the driver dumped the boxes in the driveway without even ringing the doorbell! But they do have a good tracking service. Ha-ha.

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