No Fair

I’m not one to step up on my soap box very often, but occasionally, something gets me ‘riled’ up enough to say something. Two years ago the government responded to lead paint found in toys (produced by Matell) by creating new CPSIA rules. These rules not only effected the commercial toy industry, but hobbyists that sell their children’s products and goods in boutiques, at craft fairs, and online. The bottom line: Everything that is used in a particular product for children would have to be tested (for example if you made a tunic and pants set you would need to test the fabric (unless it contains no dyes), elastic, zippers, buttons, etc. for lead content), the cost of which is upwards of $1,000 per item (and heaven forbid you ever change fabric or use a different brand of zipper – that would require you to start testing all over again). Essentially, these new rules have nudged many small business out of the picture. But what burns me the most? The company that initiated the changes is exempt from the new law.

4 thoughts on “No Fair

  1. jane

    Unbelievable, isn’t it? This is the same government that will be running health care and the financial industry. Scary!

  2. Karen Marble

    I read about this a long time ago and wondered what ever happened… so they have officially passed the law now, but aren’t enforcing it, right? They DID pass the law that says everyone has to get their baby items tested for lead and chemicals… Reading stuff like this makes me weep for our children, and nervous about our future as a country. It seems neither political party can make good decisions anymore. What a shame.

  3. bernadette

    As an adult who grew up in an era of ubiquitous lead paint and essentially no safety -testing, and as a mom of grown kids who no doubt had many toys, etc that would not meet today’s every-changing standards, I just have to ask – doesn’t anyone use common sense?
    Small kids need supervision as they explore their world – not a bubble around them to protect them from EVERYTHING. Most parents can do the job just fine without silly laws. And the laws probably won’t protect kids whose parents are oblivious anyway.

  4. Melissa

    I just don’t even know what to say! I need to pick my jaw up off the floor – rediculous! And like Jane wrote, it’s the same government who wants to run our healthcare and take charge of everything in our lives. I need to find my own private island and move away. 🙁

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