Monday, Monday

I think it’s safe to say that yesterday’s party was a success – everyone had fun, ate some good food (I even found an appetizer meatball recipe that went over really well), and Easton loved all his new toys. Even though this was a much smaller event than last year, we all felt wiped out at the end of the day (I can’t image how I’ll feel after Taylor’s 13th in just a few months….. by the way, I’ll take suggestions on party ideas with the kids, I’m at a loss). Consequently, I didn’t get to cut into my Ottobre project, BUT I did manage to rummage through my stash to come up with a lining for the hoodie – this Volcom print that I used for Jalie 2918. This will keep me from having to make sure the stripes are running evenly, the color matches well, AND I don’t have to worry about him wearing a shirt that might ‘clash’ with the inside (I know Easton wouldn’t care….). Before I head off to the sewing room, here’s a few party shots from yesterday:

edit: The photos should be working now!

2 thoughts on “Monday, Monday

  1. Linda

    For my daughter’s 13th birthday, we had a Game day. We invited 4 or 5 friends and they could bring a favorite board game and we had some in stock. We had a three hour party and changed games at the 45 minute mark. Lot of fun and I jumped in for a few, but not all.
    I love your blog!!! I read it daily and appreciate your work and enthusiasm in writing it and finding the time to sew!!!

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