Taylor’s Backpack Project

Today’s completed project has absolutely nothing to do with my own sewing, but Taylor’s! This year she is taking a FACS (Family & Consumer Science) class and are currently on their sewing unit – their first project being a totedrawstring backpack. Not only am I extremely proud of her, but she’s extremely proud of herself (no help from mom!) – so much so, she’s even carrying her books in it today. Of course, like any seamstress, she knows where her ‘flaws’ are with the finished project. But, if she wouldn’t have pointed it out, I probably wouldn’t have noticed them.
Next up, a pair of shorts. She chose a fun flannel for this project and is really looking forward to making them and I’m looking forward to hearing about it! I’m hoping this might jump start her interest in sewing!

3 thoughts on “Taylor’s Backpack Project

  1. Leesa Miller

    Taylor did a great job. It is so nice to have your daughter take an interest in sewing like you.
    My daughter liked to do a bit of sewing when she was younger and even won some champion ribbons at the county fair. But now she would rather do other things. I think she will take it up again when she gets her own place and has kids of her own.

  2. bernadette

    Great job on that project, Taylor!
    (Sadly, in each of my grown sons’ past, there is a not-quite- finished “pillow” project for such a class. Maybe if the project had been something cooler!)

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