Linky Thursday

Do more than keep your clothes clean in the kitchen, make this sassy apron and look adorable too.
Get a free project download and try your hand at winning Martha Stewart’s latest book.
I absolutely LOVE this adult size bean bag chair, although I’m not sure where I would find that much pellets to fill it with!
OOOOh, tee-shirt yarn – learn how to make your own and whip up your own hot pad. (Here’s another tutorial on how to make the yarn)
A new Sew Forth Now podcast is up!
These eggs won’t spoil no matter how long you leave them out.
I love the idea of covering notebooks and this tutorial is not just adorable, but has some handy pockets for storage too!
Now where was this great roundup of maternity sewing tutorials when I needed them?
A great way to continue your fabric motif throughout your room – tissue box covers!
Do Stuff! is having a week of book giveaways.
If I knew my kids wouldn’t accidentally throw them away (or I could get Easton to eat sandwiches), I could see making some of these resuable sandwich bags to carry their goodies.
These eggs look like they might be time consuming to make, but the surprise once you open them would be well worth the effort.