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Random Bits

If you read my post the other day, you’ll know that I had a package “wander off” from the postman. Thankfully, there was delivery confirmation on the box, so when we inquired about it’s location – they were able to “launch an investigation” as to it’s whereabouts. And wouldn’t you know it, they delivered it the very next day… I wonder how long they would have kept it if no one had said anything?
I’m having a hard time moving on the Sleeveless Hoodie – I think I’m not as excited about this project as what I thought I would be – I’m debating on whether I should just push through it or shelve it until the fall.
Do you ever watch Hoarders? I kind of equate it to watching a train wreck – you really don’t want to see it, but you want to know what’s going to happen…… Every now and then I’ll catch it and every time it makes me want to purge my house. Consequently, during the month of May, I’m making a vow to clean out my closet and sew from my stash. Anyone with me?
I was giddy when I stumbled across the new Stitch magazine while at Hobby Lobby the other day. I was a bit reluctant to buy it since I’m generally not a person who’s into ‘ruffles, trims, lace & more’, but since I had a coupon, I went ahead and snagged it. And I’m so glad I did – I loved some of the projects inside – especially the ones for the kitchen. My only disappointment is that the Oliver + S pattern is for girls…..
The new Kwik Sew patterns are out – I’m intrigued by their asymmetrical tops and maybe this swimsuit pattern (it reminds this DKNY ruched swimsuit, but a bit more retro in it’s style; personally, I could do without the flounce)

Linky Thursday

Get rid of those hum-drum camera straps and replace them with a pretty little patchwork version.
Love secrets? BurdaStyle is looking for contributors to work on never before seen patterns.
Name U-Handbag’s latest sewing pattern and you could win the bag!
Normally, I find crickets loud and annoying, but in this case, they could net me some awesome Heather Ross prizes!
If you’re lucky enough to have a new iPad, here’s a tutorial on how you can make your owncustom sleeve.
Fat Quarter Shop’s Your Favorite Schnibbles contest. Not only do I like this entry because it’s a chance to win prizes, but schnibble is a fun word to say.
Need to stash you flat iron in your luggage before it’s cooled off? Whip up this cool travel case just for hot objects (I’m thinking it might be great for travel irons when taking sewing classes too).
Sew along with Grosgrain and you could have a Frock by Friday.
A little strawberry bag to take with you to the farmer’s market.
Refashion a plain t-shirt into a cute little ruffly top.
I love when kids wear hats – and I especially love this version by Ottobre. Sew one of these up by May 1 and submit your photo for a chance to win one of 10 prizes!
I don’t think I would recommend wearing the bow on your shoulder (see last photo), but this easy little summer dress is perfect for the beginner sewer who is looking for some instant gratification with minimal sewing.
I am by no means a gardner, but I could be if all the gear was this cute. Maybe I’ll just stitch up one of these Garden Tool Cadys just for the heck of it.
Burping a baby couldn’t get any cuter.
This little pleated pouch is perfect for storing makeup, gift giving, or just as a cute little gift card holder.


I’ve always had a lovehate relationship with USPS. While it’s fun and exciting to receive packages in the mail, I’ve periodically had some ‘difficulty’ getting my goodies delivered to me (on occasion they will mark the status as ‘delivered’ and then find it in the post office, send it to the wrong house, or just take their sweet time shipping it to me). I know that with the high volume of mail they go through, it’s inevitable that a few parcels will be ‘lost’ (you always hear about that 30 year old Christmas card finally being delivered to the correct address), but you never hope that yours is one of them. Unfortunately, my Sew It All package has grown legs and walked off. I’ve been sitting on pins and needles waiting to hear if they can’t find it somewhere in their mail room, but so far, haven’t heard anything…. in this case, I think ‘no news is bad news’. I’m guessing that I’ll be spending my weekend re-creating this project and sending it out to them again on Monday….. via a different service!

No Fair

I’m not one to step up on my soap box very often, but occasionally, something gets me ‘riled’ up enough to say something. Two years ago the government responded to lead paint found in toys (produced by Matell) by creating new CPSIA rules. These rules not only effected the commercial toy industry, but hobbyists that sell their children’s products and goods in boutiques, at craft fairs, and online. The bottom line: Everything that is used in a particular product for children would have to be tested (for example if you made a tunic and pants set you would need to test the fabric (unless it contains no dyes), elastic, zippers, buttons, etc. for lead content), the cost of which is upwards of $1,000 per item (and heaven forbid you ever change fabric or use a different brand of zipper – that would require you to start testing all over again). Essentially, these new rules have nudged many small business out of the picture. But what burns me the most? The company that initiated the changes is exempt from the new law.

Monday, Monday

I think it’s safe to say that yesterday’s party was a success – everyone had fun, ate some good food (I even found an appetizer meatball recipe that went over really well), and Easton loved all his new toys. Even though this was a much smaller event than last year, we all felt wiped out at the end of the day (I can’t image how I’ll feel after Taylor’s 13th in just a few months….. by the way, I’ll take suggestions on party ideas with the kids, I’m at a loss). Consequently, I didn’t get to cut into my Ottobre project, BUT I did manage to rummage through my stash to come up with a lining for the hoodie – this Volcom print that I used for Jalie 2918. This will keep me from having to make sure the stripes are running evenly, the color matches well, AND I don’t have to worry about him wearing a shirt that might ‘clash’ with the inside (I know Easton wouldn’t care….). Before I head off to the sewing room, here’s a few party shots from yesterday:

edit: The photos should be working now!

Party Time!

T-minus 5 hours ’till Easton’s party and how am I spending it? Surfing the web – reading blogs, catching up on email (I am wayyyyy behind), looking at fabrics, and scoping out new patterns (by the way, The Sewing Republic has a new one up – the Square Deal Dress). Even though I’ve spent yesterday cleaning like a mad woman and spending time with family, I still managed to trace off the Sleeveless Hoodie pattern (once I decide on the interior fabric, I’ll be posting this to the sidebar). I’d love to make a shirt to go along with this, but I’m afraid that our weather won’t be calling for a long sleeved shirt anymore (maybe in the mornings, but definitely not most afternoons)…. I wonder how goofy this jacket will be with short sleeves?

Happy Birthday!

It’s hard to believe 2 years ago, Easton was born. Time has flown by and although I’m not nearly as productive (sewing, housework, you name it) as what I once was, I can honestly say our house is never boring.
Instead of sewing, I’ve been busy putting a few toys together. Beware of packages that say “Over 100 pieces!” because it really translates into “hours of putting your new train set together” (although I will admit, it really is an awesome toy and Easton loves it). Tomorrow I hope to sneak into the sewing room and spend at least 30 minutes with my machine before company starts arriving for the party weekend. What’s everyone’s plans this weekend (sewing or otherwise)?

Linky Thursday

Be your own Project Runway Designer and create an original design for Simplicty. The Grand Prize winner will fly out to NYC, meet with the Simplicty team, AND have their creation turned into their next pattern!
Because I am a firm believer you can never have too many bags – sew up an adorable terry toiletry bag.
Bloggers helping each other out – enter Jennifer’s contest where you could win a copy of Craft Corps then head over to Vickie’s and try your hand at winning a copy of Naughty Secretary’s Club (and jewelry!).
A fairy inspired pincushion.
Get more mileage out of your bag – make it reversible.
What will they think of next? This custom sewing machine matches your threat to your project for you.
Try your hand at winning one of these Klutz craft kits.
I want to make a quilt so badly….. and I love Amy’s latest (and it’s free).
I’m fairly certain I’ve seen tutorials like this before, but since summer is just around the corner, why not give it a second look? Turn your worn out t-shirts into a sundress! Although, I have to admit, I may save them to make one of these aprons – they are too cute!
Want to win $250 worth of City Girl Fabric? Then enter your project in the Amp Up Your
Accessories contest
Make a boppy…… without a pattern!
Laptop bag patterns seem to be ‘all the rage’, here’s one more for you to check out.

Taylor’s Backpack Project

Today’s completed project has absolutely nothing to do with my own sewing, but Taylor’s! This year she is taking a FACS (Family & Consumer Science) class and are currently on their sewing unit – their first project being a totedrawstring backpack. Not only am I extremely proud of her, but she’s extremely proud of herself (no help from mom!) – so much so, she’s even carrying her books in it today. Of course, like any seamstress, she knows where her ‘flaws’ are with the finished project. But, if she wouldn’t have pointed it out, I probably wouldn’t have noticed them.
Next up, a pair of shorts. She chose a fun flannel for this project and is really looking forward to making them and I’m looking forward to hearing about it! I’m hoping this might jump start her interest in sewing!

What’s Next?

My new issue of Ottobre Design arrived yesterday and I have to say, I’m underwhelmed at the boy’s patterns. I was hoping that they would be fabulous enough that one of them could become my next project. So, after mulling it overnight I’ve narrowed it down to 3 potential projects that I could go with next: 1) Start working on Sewing Republic tutorials – I’ve got 3 ideas in mind that are much larger than what I’ve done before; the challenge is developing them without patterns, but instructions on how to make your own (and you all know how I love challenges!), 2) Sew up a sleeveless hoodie for Easton – I even have some gray sweatshirt fleece in my stash that would work with this one, 3) Sew up some new jammies for Easton – not only do I already have the pattern but the fabric washed and ready to go! Any suggestions? I’m stumped.