Thank You Starbucks

Since no one had any advice (I’m guessing everyone else is suffering from the same condition as well) on yesterday’s post, I took matters into my own hands…. and drank lots of coffee. I finished off the second opening in the arm as well as the hem and have finished the dress. Since I eliminated the contrast band, the dress is shorter than intended but considering my height, I don’t think it looks drastically short. Overall this dress was easy to put together, but I think using slinky made it bulky around the seams (mainly the narrowish shoulder seams where you have not only the shoulder seam itself, but the areas where you attach the neck and sleeve bands as well). I should also mention that it’s not bra friendly either – you’ll either need a t-back or convertible style otherwise you’ll have lots of exposure in the back.
I’ll definitely be keeping this dress in mind for the future, but next time I’ll stick with a cotton jersey to keep the bulk down. In fact, I might even make one for the pool – it would be perfect as a (fashionable) cover-up!

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