Dress Update and Inspiration

So far, the Kwik Sew dress is coming together nicely. I do have two concerns, however. 1) The armhole of the dress seems very large. I haven’t put the binding on it, but I’m hoping that it ‘pulls’ it a bit tighter and what I’m initially seeing is just the weight of the fabric (slinky) stretching it. 2) I think I’m really going to dislike the contrast border with this print. I think that I will finish it up, let it hang (to see if it stretches any more), and make a very narrow hem and omit the border all together and go with a shorter look. Thank goodness I’m short, otherwise I don’t think that this would work.
One project that I’ve been mulling over for about a year is making an “art quilt”. I’m using that term loosely since what I have in mind isn’t as ‘stunning’ as what you typically see in shows, but since I can’t imagine using it every day, I don’t have a better term for it. What is it? The Queen of Hearts. With the movie (which I thought was fabulous, by the way) being released, it pushed me to look for parts of my design – lots of hearts. I recently purchased Alex Anderson’s Fabric Shopping which had what I was looking for and it finally arrived yesterday. While it should work, it’s predominantly applique, which is what I was wanting to avoid – although I’m not sure that there is any way around that if you’re wanting rounded edges. So, this leads me to the question: Does anyone know of a heart pattern that doesn’t require applique? Maybe paper piecing? or should I just bone up on my applique skills?

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  1. bernadette

    I also prefer pieced to applique quilts. Not that all piecing is easy – you need precise measurements, cutting, and seaming. Applique is a lot more forgiving in those respects!
    Two ways around traditional hand applique:
    1 – Faced hearts = Cut two of each heart, right sides together, sew ALL way around, clip curves, cut an opening in center back to turn right-side-out, press, machine sew onto ground fabric. (Or hand sew.)
    2 – Cut raw edged hearts (no seam allowance, on bias grain, and machine sew to background. leaving a bit of the edge outside the sewing line. This looks best using solid color or yarn-dyed plaids for the raw-edged hearts. Printed fabrics yield raggy, faded-looking raw edges.
    Quilt shows often designate quilts not intended for bed use as “wall quilts”. So they are art, even without the capital “A”. LOL

  2. Robin Z

    Hi Stacy!
    I actually think the applique process would be easier for this project.
    I find it more forgiving, as Bernadette said, and once you get ‘into the groove’ as easy as piecing.
    J-girl & I recently made a lap quilt with randomly sized and appliqued leaves as its design – and as its ‘quilting.’ Turned out wonderfully with outlines of the leaves on the back.
    Anxious to hear what you decide to do and how the project turns out!

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