Spring In Kansas

Well, so much for teaching a class today. Mother Nature decided to start off our spring with a fresh ‘dusting’ of snow which kept people from driving in to attend the class this morning. *Sigh* So much for all the prep work!
Hope the weather is nicer where you live. Now it’s time to find some nice, indoor, activities to do…. maybe I’ll even clean house????

4 thoughts on “Spring In Kansas

  1. bernadette

    How disappointing for you and the class! Is it re-scheduled, at least?
    Bad weather cancelled just about everything in our area for most of February, so we are so happy that Spring has apparently arrived on schedule here. Any late snow now will be most unwelcome!

  2. Heather K

    Our 1st day of spring ended with 3 inches of snow. My lilac bushed had started budding and the some of the flowers have bloomed. It was quite depressing. I did stay in and sew a little. I hope it warms up where you are.

  3. Erika Sews-it-all

    That’s such a bummer! Maybe you can reschedule?
    We got tons of snow yesterday, more than the one inch dusting that was forecast! But the sun came out this afternoon, and now the couple of inches is melting away.

  4. Sharon

    Oh, that’s disappointing. Both the snow and the no-shows to class. They don’t know what they missed as I’m sure you’d be a great sewing teacher – which they’ll discover when your class is rescheduled.

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