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Beginning Sewing

While I would love to be working on my latest project, today is devoted to class preparation. Tomorrow morning I’m teaching a beginning sewing class where we’ll be making Kwik Sew 3525. My goal for this class is to make a fun, easy to sewlow frustration project while at the same time teaching basic pattern readingsewing termsetc.
So thinking back to your beginning days, what did you want to learn or get out of a class if you took one?

Linky Thursday

A cool way to carry your water with this upcycled bottle sling.
Just in time for Easter – Bunny Bowling!
Portabellopixie’s upcoming book, Sewing Bits and Pieces
is available for pre-order on Amazon, but you don’t have to way to try out a project from the book. Sandi has posted her Saturday Market Skirt for you to try out!
Win a Gussy bag!
It’s a little early for a Trick or Treat bucket, but if you change it up a bit, it might work as an Easter basket.
Win one of three copies of The Felted Bag Book.
Tie dye is making a comeback. Here’s how to make your own psychedelic tights.
These rain boots have nothing to do with sewing, but they would look darn cute with a newly sewn trench. Of course, if you don’t win this contest, you can always make your own rain boot from recycled plastic bags.
I didn’t find these Care Bare costume instructions particularly helpful, but I love the idea – although I’m sure Easton isn’t up for it.
There seem to be a lot of ironing board covers popping up on the internet lately. In keeping with the trend, here’s one more.
Turn a tea town into a full size apron. Then try out Martha Stewart’s Heart shaped potholder pattern (can I secretly tell you that I’m excited about her upcoming book“>her upcoming book?)
DS cases don’t always have to be for boys. This version is strictly for the ladies!

Up Next

With spring break this week (and so far, weather that isn’t nice enough to do anything outside), you would think that I would have accomplished something in the sewing room….. Honestly, the only thing I’ve done was nail down the next project, Kwik Sew 3703. It looks easy enough to sew up in a long afternoon, should be comfortable to wear, and if I use the right fabric, can be worn as an Easter dress in just a few weeks! I had originally purchased some fabric to go with this pattern, but I’m going to search around the fabric stash to make sure that’s what I want to use. Keep a lookout on the sidebar for more information on this one! By the way, today is the LAST day for Hancock Fabric’s Kwik Sew pattern sale – 20% off the list price!


My favorite part of Games magazine has always been the ‘eyeball benders’ – photos of common objects taken from an uncommon perspective….. and that’s what I’m giving you today. What you’re looking at is my completed (yay!) project for the next Sew It All magazine. Overall, I am just giddy at the way it turned out – not only is it a ‘fat quarter friendly’ project, but I’ve added fun hardware and I love the design. Best of all, it should be a fairly quick project to sew up. Now, I’ve just got to get to writing out the instructions and I’ll be able to pop it in the mail. Now, I’m torn what should be next? Drafting up a few projects for The Sewing Republic? Make a quick dress for myself? Sew up a spring hoodie for Easton? or get my rear in gear and make a handbag for Pattern Review’s March contest?

A Bit Of Shopping

What a way to throw off my whole day – daylight savings time! Even though I’ve lost an hour, I’ve just about finished with my final design for the Sew News article (and if you haven’t entered the giveaway, be sure to do it here)… I’ll be sure to give you a little preview tomorrow. In the mean time, I broke down a did a bit of fabric shopping. What pushed me over the edge was this adorable Hello Kitty jersey print (Taylor is very into Hello Kitty and I can see this being made into an adorable set of lounging pjs). I figured while I was there I might as well get the Juicy Couture french terry that I’ve had my eye on too. I was extremely tempted to pick up some baby pink flannel coating from Gorgeous Fabrics as well (which I think would be perfect for the Lady Grey coat), but I’m not sure if I want to use wool still or not.
Anyone else have any good finds?

Another Giveaway

After one more round of prototypes, I believe that I finally have all my measurements and instructions set for my Sew News article. WHEW! I’m hoping to spend some time this weekend and sew the actual item up for the magazine. To celebrate it’s completion (well, sort of), I’m doing a little giveaway – a copy of Sew New’s 30th anniversary issue (Februarymarch 2010)! Just leave your comment here by midnight, Monday, March 15 to be eligible for the prize draw (and please feel free to enter even if you live outside the US – this contest is open to everyone). Have a great weekend and good luck!

Linky Thursday

What’s your favorite feature about your Bernina? Leave a comment here for a box of goodies from Bernina, OESD, and more!
CraftSanity’s apron contest – winning entries will be part of a traveling show to raise awareness for Safe Haven Ministries.
Win a $50 gift certificate to Modern Organic Fabrics.
Made a pillowcase for the 1 Million Pillowcase Challenge? Before you send it off, snap a picture and enter it on WeAllSew’s fanpage for your chance to win a bundle of sewing goodies (patterns, sewing books, kits, fabrics, notions, and more)!
Give your t-shirt a makeover.
Transform a decorative handkerchief into a beautiful fingerless glove.
It seems like a lot of work, but the results of this patchwork ironing board cover is fabulous. [link via Whip Up]
Need the perfect accessory for your new outfit? Make a Glazed Fabric Ring from a button.
Two lucky winners will receive paper doll fat quarter bundles, just by sharing you favorite childhood activity!
Win a RIT Dye bundle – oooh, the possibilities with this one!
Just like mommy – toddler yoga pants.

Design It Yourself Clothes

One thing I’ve always wanted to be able to do is to design my own clothing – without a pattern (what can I say, I like a challenge). I know that there are several of books on the market that discuss how to do this, but honestly, I don’t want to read anything that looks like a text book. While placing my last Amazon order, I stumbled across Design-It-Yourself Clothes and decided to take the plunge and buy it. Although the the designs are ‘simple’ (basic skirt, tee, button up shirt, dress, and pants), Cal discusses ways that your can change the overall look to give some variety to your design. Speaking of the projects in the book, I did find that most of them have quite a bit of ease (as you can see from the front cover). If you go in expecting to come out with a pair of fitted pants, this book isn’t for you – it’s just a very basic introduction to pattern drafting. There is some information on how to fit, however, it’s not in depth and honestly with some of these styles, isn’t really needed (for example, I saw a lot of people on Amazon saying that there wasn’t any information on full bust adjustments and bust darts, but I just don’t see how bust darts would work with these designs). With that said I did find Design It Yourself Clothes to be a wealth of information and I do intend on making my own project (based on MY measurements and not a pattern company) sometime in the near future. I’m really hoping that Cal decides to write more of these books (perhaps a bit more in depth and with fitted designs) in the near future because I found this to be a fun, easy to read instruction book on how to draft your own clothing patterns.
The Bottom Line: A great beginner’s book for pattern drafting, especially if you’re looking for an easy read with lots of illustrations. However, you may be disappointed in the styles if a fitted looks is what you’re after.