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Thank You Starbucks

Since no one had any advice (I’m guessing everyone else is suffering from the same condition as well) on yesterday’s post, I took matters into my own hands…. and drank lots of coffee. I finished off the second opening in the arm as well as the hem and have finished the dress. Since I eliminated the contrast band, the dress is shorter than intended but considering my height, I don’t think it looks drastically short. Overall this dress was easy to put together, but I think using slinky made it bulky around the seams (mainly the narrowish shoulder seams where you have not only the shoulder seam itself, but the areas where you attach the neck and sleeve bands as well). I should also mention that it’s not bra friendly either – you’ll either need a t-back or convertible style otherwise you’ll have lots of exposure in the back.
I’ll definitely be keeping this dress in mind for the future, but next time I’ll stick with a cotton jersey to keep the bulk down. In fact, I might even make one for the pool – it would be perfect as a (fashionable) cover-up!

So Many Patterns….

I think I have spring fever. I’m so ready to sew for spring summer that I’m finding an abundance of patterns that I would love to tackle. Of course, the problem is finding the time to sew them all up. Hot Pattern released a new You Tube video on their new dresstunic, I was totally inspired to make my own swimming suit after Emilie’s Jalie conversion, and my Burda Easy Fashion arrived in the mail…. and that’s just what’s been going on this week! However, with the warmer temperatures and longer daylight hours, I am finding it difficult to get motivated to do lots of sewing. Anyone have any tips to keep me going – I want to sew, I just can’t get myself into the sewing room to do it.

Weekend Update

The weekend went so fast, that it seems like a blur! The shower went well. It was a great chance to catch up with friends that I haven’t seen in quite some time and, of course, eat fantastic cake! Now that I’m back, it’s time to concentrate on some serious sewing – I’ve got a dress to finish and a new project in the works.
Right before I left, Erika pointed out the cutest project – this adorable stuffed chicken and I immediately snagged it. While it’s cute in and of itself (I have a thing about chickens and roosters anyway) the best part about this stuffie is that it lays eggs. Now how fun is that? I would love to be able to sew this one up before Easter, but honestly, I don’t think I’ll be able to whip up two (Taylor even wanted one for herself) before Sunday…. although I’ll give it the good ‘ole college try. Maybe if everyone crosses their fingers, Easton will nap this week.

Weekend Showers

Remember all those baby items that I spent the month sewing? Well, they’re finally bundled up and ready for the baby shower this weekend!

I completed the package with a lined basket, some Bad Ass Booty Balm (I thought it was appropriate considering the ‘rockin’ baby theme I went with), and a fun card that pulled the whole package together.
Since the shower is out of town, there won’t be any new posts until Monday. In the mean time, here’s a sneak peek at the dress progress:

Linky Thursday

An absolutely adorable way to dress up your table this Easter – Easter placemats (with a fun carrot pocket for silverware). However, if you’re already looking forward to Christmas, try this free festive candy tabletopper pattern.
Win a set of patterns from Bari J.
Have those clear plastic rulers laying around and not sure what to do with them? Here’s some tips that you might useful.
The first ever, springsummer edition of Knitty!
Love robots, but think it isn’t very Easter like? Then sew up one of these Robbits – cute and a great basket stuffer! Of course, who could resist this sock bunny either?
Win a $50 gift certificate to Magpie Patterns!
If you’re in need of a gorgeous custom fit, reversible coat – check out this one on Instructables – and it’s made from fleece blankets no less!
These grocery bags look so impressive, I had no idea they were made from recycled tees!
If cupcake’s are on you list of Easter treats, be sure to print off these free bunny cupcake toppers.
Need a quick baby gift? Try whipping up a set of these “Happy Feet” felt baby booties.
Looking for some fantastic scraps to use for your next project? Oh, Fransson! has a great bundle to give away.
Even if you don’t like to eat peeps, you can decorate with them! Make a sewn peep bunting.

Dress Update and Inspiration

So far, the Kwik Sew dress is coming together nicely. I do have two concerns, however. 1) The armhole of the dress seems very large. I haven’t put the binding on it, but I’m hoping that it ‘pulls’ it a bit tighter and what I’m initially seeing is just the weight of the fabric (slinky) stretching it. 2) I think I’m really going to dislike the contrast border with this print. I think that I will finish it up, let it hang (to see if it stretches any more), and make a very narrow hem and omit the border all together and go with a shorter look. Thank goodness I’m short, otherwise I don’t think that this would work.
One project that I’ve been mulling over for about a year is making an “art quilt”. I’m using that term loosely since what I have in mind isn’t as ‘stunning’ as what you typically see in shows, but since I can’t imagine using it every day, I don’t have a better term for it. What is it? The Queen of Hearts. With the movie (which I thought was fabulous, by the way) being released, it pushed me to look for parts of my design – lots of hearts. I recently purchased Alex Anderson’s Fabric Shopping which had what I was looking for and it finally arrived yesterday. While it should work, it’s predominantly applique, which is what I was wanting to avoid – although I’m not sure that there is any way around that if you’re wanting rounded edges. So, this leads me to the question: Does anyone know of a heart pattern that doesn’t require applique? Maybe paper piecing? or should I just bone up on my applique skills?

Trunk Show

Aside from a few quilt shops, there have been very few trunk shows that have come to our city. That’s why when Sew Much announced they were having a Christine Jonson trunk show, I was all over it. I have to admit, I’ve never tried one of her patterns, although I understand a lot of people have had great results with them. I thought it was a great opportunity to check out the design up close (since I find it hard to see what the finished project looks like by the illustrations). I’m seriously considering the Shirred Top and the Wrap Dress. While I mull it over I can work on the pattern I did pick up, Hot Patterns’ Weekender Track & Field Cargo Pants. I was very excited when this one was released because I just love the details to this one – has anyone tried it yet?

Maybe I Should Have…….

The Monday after spring break is always rough – it’s just hard to get back into the swing of things after having a week of ‘relaxing’. I did mange to finally trace off Kwik Sew 3703 and cut the fabric last night, though. I decided to go with a swirlpaisley print (from Chicos, I believe) that I picked up last month at Needle Nook and a solid black for the contrast border. However, after laying in bed last night, mulling over my fabric choice, I started thinking that I should have probably nixed the contrast band and just made the dress a bit longer since I’m really not sure that you’ll be able to tell that the border is there with all that black. I guess we’ll see how it looks once it’s all put together (and I’ll remember that for next time).

Another First

When a baby is born, there’s lots of first: First word, first tooth, first trip to the zoo….. Well, early this morning we had another ‘first’ at our house…….. First Haircut! There was tons of hair in the sink after we were finished and now my little guy no longer looks like a baby, but is now a big boy (I guess it’s time, he’ll be two late next month). I’m hoping to snap a better photo today – one without food in his mouth!

Spring In Kansas

Well, so much for teaching a class today. Mother Nature decided to start off our spring with a fresh ‘dusting’ of snow which kept people from driving in to attend the class this morning. *Sigh* So much for all the prep work!
Hope the weather is nicer where you live. Now it’s time to find some nice, indoor, activities to do…. maybe I’ll even clean house????