There Was An Old Woman

Easton’s birthday is just 2 months away. While it sounds like a long time, when it comes to sewing (especially sewing with a toddler in the house), it’s really not very far away at all! Since those cute little party dresses are out of the question, I’ve shifted my focus to….. toys. I stumbled across “I Know An Old Woman” interactive doll set (I mean how cool would it be to sing the song and have the doll ‘eat’ the animals?) and thought this might be a fun toy for a toddler. Anyone ever tried this pattern (or something similar – I am fairly certain that I have a Japanese sewing book with the same concept, but different theme)? Not being a doll maker, I’d love to know how ‘involved’ this set is, how long it might take to construct, and it’s difficulty!

6 thoughts on “There Was An Old Woman

  1. CGCouture

    LOL! The idea sounds awesome, but you are WAY more motivated than I am! Just the thought of cutting out all those teensy little pieces makes my hands and eyes hurt. *eek*

  2. MichelleB

    Since you can sew clothes, I think that you are a sewing superstar. I don’t think this pattern would be hard for you. And kids are very forgiving of our handiwork. lol

  3. Arabella

    Looks great! What a cool idea. The Granny in the pic looks just a teensy bit creepy though. I think if I was making it I would try and alter her look a bit to make her less scary looking. I’m sure it would be pretty straightforward to make. I have tried sewing dolls before and they were easy compared to clothing.
    Have fun!

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