Because This Post Doesn’t Have Much To Do With Sewing

Ever wonder why I’m not as productive as what I once was? Here’s a good answer for you:

This is how I found Easton after I left the bathroom for 30 seconds….. sitting in the top drawer of the sink. I had to laugh after I realized that the drawer wouldn’t buckle underneath his weight.

11 thoughts on “Because This Post Doesn’t Have Much To Do With Sewing

  1. Karin

    I so know how that is. I would love to sew much, much, MUCH more. I can imagine all the gorgeous garments I would create. But those little ones, pulling stunts like that. They take a lot of time from the sewing 🙂

  2. Jenny

    That could totally be my son! He does that on desks all day long. Not in the bathroom though, I have to keep that door shut, or he likes to play with the toilet too much. Or rather, toss things into the toilet. Ah, 17 month olds. 😉

  3. Patty

    While on a cruise, our daughter was 3, I came out of the bathroom to find her sitting naked on top of an upside down trash can that was on top of a chair, playing a game on a laptop. I grabbed my camera…I’ll post a picture on my blog. Oh, the situations that kids can get in!
    p.s. Love your blog!

  4. bernadette

    How cute he is – while scaring you half to death! Our second son was a major climber and confident as a mountain goat. Boys!

  5. melissa

    Pfff! I think he and our cat, Bosco, might be related. I was pulling stuff out of the fridge for dinner, and I turned around to put some on the counter, turned around and he was INSIDE the fridge, standing on one of the shelves!
    Though somehow I don’t think a squirt bottle is going to deter Easton. 😛

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