Monthly Archives: February 2010

Colds and Lingerie

It seems that a cold has struck (almost) our entire house – rendering me useless in the sewing room. I had high hopes to create the Bel-Air lounging pajamas in time for Valentine’s Day (can’t you imagine waking up to chocolate and roses wearing these fabulous pjs?), but now that the holiday has come and gone, I realize this set isn’t in the cards anytime soon….. I may just have to settle for their new (free) Cami & Tap Pants pattern up at – it looks like it’s going to be fast to sew up and I’ve had great success with their downloadable patterns. Too bad I missed the Lingerie Contest up at Pattern Review (by the way, voting has begun so don’t forget to cast yours), this one would have been a fabulous one to enter with!
Now it’s off to make some chicken soup…. and disinfect the house. I don’t want to get this bug to come back again!

Hot, Haute Top

There’s a new project up at The Sewing Republic… and it’s perfect for some of my fun and funky knit prints – The Haute Top! It also looks incredibly easy to make: just take a few measurements of yourself to create the fabric rectangles that will become your shirt. Now the question is, what fabric will I part with to make my first one?

Swap Bag

Stick a fork in me, I’m done with my latest swap! I finished up the large item in The Office Swap – a cute little messenger style bag. While the bag doesn’t look like something that you would see in a themed swap, when my partner opens up the inside…. she’ll see a “Property of Dunder Mifflin” tag on the flap. I think that it keeps the bag functional (so she can use it for everyday use), but at the same time it’s fun and keeps the theme of the swap.
As for the bag pattern, I used Sew What! Bags‘s DJ bag. I have to admit that I didn’t follow the directions – I glanced over them, but didn’t notice anything unique to construction so I just put it together as I have other bags with a similar style. The one thing this bag is missing is interfacing. The directions didn’t call for it and seeing that I didn’t have enough on hand, I didn’t bother. Consequently, it’s a lot floppier than what I would have liked. I probably won’t be making this particular bag again (I think I have other patterns that I like better), but I will definitely be using this fabric combination again – I just love this material with the faux suede!
By the way, Happy Valentines day!

Random Bits

It looks as if Bret has solved my computer problem! Even though my laptop isn’t under warrenty any more, she still called Toshiba – who offered to fix the problem for the low, low price of $438. Then he called a local company who said they would repair it for $100 – so Bret ordered the part ($26 with shipping) and will install it (a 15 minute job he figures) himself. So, I’m sans laptop until next weekend. Perhaps not spending so much time on the computer means that I’ll be able to accomplish more in the sewing department.
So, what did I do instead of the computer yesterday? Cook – we had a great cajun feast complete with jambalaya and king cake (it was still warm from the oven when I picked it up and was absolutely delicious). I even was a huge dork and picked up Mardi Gras plates and napkins – ah, I love themes!
In other news, don’t forget to save the date for this year’s Common Threads Quilt Show! They’ve opened up their entry page for quilt submissions, so if you’re interested in participating, you have until March 31 to send in your form!

Is It Monday?

With the way my day is going, you would think it might be a Monday – so far, lots of things are going wrong…. my laptop is out of commission (Bret can’t even fix it, so it looks like it will have to be taken into a professional), Easton is sick, and I battled a stained carpet after spilling coffee on it. GRRRR.
I did manage to finish my Office Swap messenger bag, but I’ll wait to post my thoughts on it along with photos when I’m able to get to my desktop computer….. Is it wrong to feel naked without your laptop handy?

Linky Thursday

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If you’re needing some handmade Valentine’s this year that are quick, easy, and downright awesome – check out Brassy Apple’s cards. I’m keeping this in mind for when Easton is school age.
Get a sneak peek into the upcoming issue of Ottobre Woman. If this is going to be the best of this issue, I don’t think I’ll be making anything from it.
Hot Pattern’s Fly Front tutorial.
Have a worn out high chair cover that’s in need of some sprucing up? This tutorial will teach you how to give your chair a makeover!
If you’ve been needing a Heather Ross fabric fix, you don’t have to look any further than Spoonflower.
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Park City Girl giveaway.
Yes, it is possible to take knitting just a bit too far. (Please tell me this is just artwork and not actual items for sale).
Does your child have a favorite, well-love softie that’s in need of replacement? Don’t fear if you don’t have a pattern, this tutorial will teach you how to replicate your favorite stuffed toy.

Progress & Rambling

I managed to make a nice dent into my DJ bag project, but I have to admit, I made a mistaking using the material I did for the lining. While it matches perfectly color-wise, the fabric is a pain to work with – it stretches, moves around, and never did cut nicely. Now I know why it was in a Fabric Mart freebie bundle….. no one wanted it! Now I just need to put everything together and work on the image transfer for the inside of the bag.
With this project almost finished, I’ve been planning ahead for my next projects…. and shopping. Built by Wendy Dresses was released yesterday and I’ve been itching to get it since I saw she was coming out with a new title. Both U-Handbag and Angry Chicken had previewsreviews of the book and now I want it more – even though I don’t wear a lot of dresses. Seeing that the book is under $25 at Amazon, this also means I ‘need’ another title (for free shipping) and have been mulling over a few books. I had Sewing Clothes Kids Love, but after reading some reviews, I see that it only includes 2 patterns for boys (bummer) so I’ve crossed that off my list, but have been seriously considering Cath Kidson’s Make! Anyone have this book? I’d really like SEW! but it doesn’t appear that Amazon (the store, not independent sellers) has this title yet. Any other suggestions before I decide to place an order?

Property Of Dunder Mifflin

Seeing that I’m on a roll with completing swap items, I thought it was time to start on my third and ‘largest’ project. I’ve been mulling it over for quite some time – taking into consideration my partner’s requests, wist items, and preferences. One thing she wanted was a purse, but I really couldn’t come up with something that was Office themed so I’ve decided to go with a bag. Instead of turning to a TNT pattern, I decided to head to the bookshelf and settled on Sew What! Bags‘s DJ Bag – a boxy, messenger style bag.
I’ve opted to use a fun, floral print (with darker colors) for the main panels of the bag, a faux suede for the strap, sides and bottom of the bag, and a beigeyellow mystery fiber for the lining (I can’t help myself to use it because it coordinates so well). I plan on making an iron on with “Property of Duder Mifflin” for the inside lining flap – my goal is to keep this bag functional enough for everyday use, but fun so it looks like she ‘took’ the bag from The Office. I’ve already got all my pieces cut and ready to go – now it’s time for some sewing!

The Office Tea Wallet

If you’re ever looking for a nice, quick gift to give, try this tea wallet tutorial (I’m thinking teacher gifts). This was an easy to follow, simple to construct project that went together in under an hour. Of course, I always seem to complicate projects like these by doing something like….. using printable fabric paper. I’ll spare you the details on finding an image, getting it to print correctly, etc. because that whole process didn’t go so well. The fabric sheets didn’t sew up very nice either – I would say top stitching is not recommended (neither is making a mistake because it’s likely that your needle will make a permanent hole). Overall, I like the way it turned out, I’ll just be using ‘real’ fabric next time! By the way, the Peach Iced Tea quote is from an episode of the Office.


Sometimes you just have to know when to call a project quits – especially when you’re ‘winging it’. I had thought that I would make a set of coasters for my Office Themed Swap. I printed off images that I wanted to use, fused them with vinyl (this was my first mistake. This vinyl product works so much better with fabric than paper), added batting and a flannel backing, and sewed it together with bias tape around the edges. While it looks o.k. in the picture, it feels… well, cheap. It makes a funny crinkle sound when you touch it (no doubt from the vinyl fused paper) and it feels thin even though there’s a layer of batting sandwiched in between it all. So, I’ve decided to scrap the whole thing and go with something else – a tea wallet. My thought is that I’ll use printable fabric sheets to make an Office themed cover and do the same for the inside. With that said, I had better get to work!