Sticker Shock

One of the books that I’ve been eagerly awaiting was Christopher Nejman’s Celebrity Bags. Over time, I had seen more and more photos of what was included in his latest release, which made me want it more. Today, is his official launch of the book and, the most important part, the cost….. I had sticker shock. I will admit, I have been ‘spoiled’ by Amazon and their low prices – I haven’t paid ‘retail’ for a book in ages. But, with braces to pay for, an 18% increase in our insurance costs (ouch), a new car that’s needed on the horizon (our ‘tank’ just isn’t holding out anymore), and the fact I just resubscribed to Burda and Ottobre this month, I just don’t think I can justify buying this book at the moment. I would love to know if anyone does purchase it, your thoughts as I will definitely be keeping it in mind in the future! By the way, what’s the most expensive book that you’ve ever sprung for?

13 thoughts on “Sticker Shock

  1. Leesa Miller

    Wow that book is expensive. But it does include embroidery designs and they can be pricey when they are created by designers. Still it looks like a fun book. I usually buy books at some discount or I use a coupon.

  2. Sharon

    Whoa – that is way out of my price range! It sure does look like a fabulous book but I’m like you. I buy at a discount from Amazon and do without the others.

  3. Katrina Lyons

    I was wondering how expensive the book was thinking maybe $30 and up so I looked at the link. Wow, that is expensive! Yeah, if I can’t get a discounted book or free shipping then I’m not happy. Eventually, maybe you might be able to buy it used at a discount price on Amazon.

  4. bernadette

    I once bought a then-new hardcover book called “Some Classic Trains” for $50 for my husband – way back when $50 was a LOT of money for us! That held my price record for several years.
    I’ve since spent up to $100 on a single science textbook!
    And I now occasionally spend $40-$60 on a hardcover art, fiber art, or couture fashion “coffee table” book.
    Luckily, I am very picky, and have also cut back on buying new books. So now my Amazon list is hopelessly long.
    (I use the public library for all my fiction. biography, general info books, etc.)

  5. bernadette

    Hmm- I just looked at the CD book of designer bags. I know you love bags and making them, so maybe the techniques would be very useful. But none of his actual designs got me excited enough to want to make them, or to buy that expensive “book”. Maybe because there were some *spectacular* new bags at TJ Maxx the other day for $30 -$60 each that made me want to buy an armful. But, sigh, I bought none. I just petted them for awhile. LOL

  6. Arabella

    Hhhmmm… that much for a book that doesn’t even appear to be printed? I don’t know… it does look interesting, but not enough for me to justify buying it I think. The other thing I was wondering about was how can they justify charging $6 for shipping and handling for a CD?
    I wonder if a bag making workshop would be better value for money.

  7. Rosemarie

    I attended a fiber art class with Christopher in Santa Rosa, California last year. He brought some of the bags to show. I have to admit, I was truly amazed. The ladies were all gasping and I was left speechless. You would have really thought they were bought at a high end department store.
    From what I had witnessed in person and also seeing a preview video of his new book he brought that day, I have to say, there is no other book out there like it and I have made plenty of bags, but no one ever asked me where I bought them like his promo states, everyone did always ask me how I made them. I know if I were to take advanced classes like this, it is really pricey. I did order the book because I know how the man works and what he teaches. He is serious about his teachings and his craft. Don’t know about everyone else, but I paid big money for my sewing machine and I want to produce big results from now on. I have to admit, I have been saving for several months knowing the book would be pricey, but I thought it would be way over $100. So I was excited it was way under my prediction. When I get it, and make a bag, and go to my ASG meeting, the ladies will all be looking at it drooling.., I know they will. I just saw his latest email flyer about making money sewing bags. This granny sure could use the extra cash. I had been trying to make things and sell before,but never had anything that stated a high value. How can one compete when everyone else is making the same tote bags? I feel this is the ticket for me. Education is pricey ladies. I will let you know when my copy arrives. I really am excited! Seeing them in person changed my whole thought process and where I invest my money now to learn.

  8. Erika Sews-it-all

    I still remember how outrageous some of my college textbooks were. Some of the large Art History volumes were $150 for the USED copies. Ouch!
    That does look like a very interesting book, and now I am curious about his methods!

  9. Rosemarie

    I have no doubt that his new book is taking the home sewer towards that college level, if anything,he is bringing a value in the education to our craft. I know I really want to start my own home based business selling bags, but I could never achieve anything that looked like what I see at the stores. I really am tired of buying all those crafty books showing the same ole same ole. I am ready to move forward in my sewing. My sister said my neice wants to go to fashion school and the tune of that is around a hundred grand and the text books aren’t cheap either.
    I have been a widow and grandmother of 5. I really need to make some extra cash.

  10. Anne

    I’d never heard of this bag-making book on CD until I read your post. Looks interesting. Because it includes embroidery designs and info for drafting patterns, the price doesn’t seem too steep.
    However, I have a feeling that the free “notion” offered that’s touted to be the secret for sewing on faux vinyl and leather is nothing more than tissue paper.
    For Christmas, I requested and received a $60 roller foot for my Bernina, so I could easily sew on faux vinyl and leather. I just might invest in Nejman’s book after I save up enough money. I think it’d be fun to create fabulous bags with high-end details.

  11. rosemarie

    I received the CD! Christopher is the king of the sewing machine and bag making. You can sew on faux leather with any foot, his secret is without a doubt, a freedom to what was so hard before. This book is truly like college level and I will be studying it for years to come. He really did a wonderful job. I also want to note that he is not only the king of the sewing machine, but a motivational speaker as well. The way he teaches the sewer to empower themselves made me sit and realize how lazy I have been with all of the inspiration and written material I already had to learn from per learning about my sewing machine. As per the price, in my opinion, this book is under priced for all he offers, teaches, and shares. I have never received this much information and training in a book before. It is overwhelming. Please note, I am a fan of his work and I am even a bigger fan now. He did not let me down. The graphics and photos are truly breath taking seeing on the computer screen. And he is right, the book is not for the novice, but for the sewer who wants to go beyond and above. Just Rosemarie

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