Snow Day Activities

Exactly as predicted, I got nothing done yesterday – well, at least not in the sewing department! Oh sure, we baked cupcakes, played in the snow (and as you can tell in the picture, it was knee-deep on Easton in some places), drank hot chocolate, ate popcorn and watched some movies (about 30 minutes of each movie before Easton got bored with it). Not only did I end the day being extremely sore (between shoveling snow and pushing kids around on the sled), but I was exhausted…. and can you believe Easton never napped? I guess I don’t have to worry that he got hypothermia from the cold temperatures!
Today it’s off in my sewing room to tidy up and work on a few projects…. and then it’s back out in the snow. Taylor wants to take advantage of it before it all melts. Should I tell her we’re supposed to get more on Monday?

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