Snow Day Shirt

We’re having a snow day! I would love to say that this means I’m going to get a lot accomplished, but I know that we’ll be spending much of the day playing in the snow, making some baked goods (why does baking always sound good when it’s a snow day?), and no doubt, playing with MoonSand (this is Easton’s new favorite activity). I did manage to finish up Easton’s latest Jalie tee. I really love the way it turned out, except that it really needs some sort of design on the front. I went ahead and put it on him yesterday, but it’s a bit plain – I’ll be searching for a coordinating tattoo logoprint over the next couple of days and will keep you posted on this shirt’s new look. Anyone else having a snow day (or just playing hooky)?

One thought on “Snow Day Shirt

  1. Kirsten D

    I am on day two of our snow day! I in OKC so had ice the first day. Hoping to get into the sewing room today too!

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