Linky Thursday

It seems like everyone is selling those reusable totes anymore. Way back when, I bought one from Joann’s. Ever wonder how much can fit in it and how much weight it can hold? Apparently you can store a small toddler comfortably inside for an afternoon without breaking the straps or having the bottom fall out.
A new issue of Apronology is about ready to hit the newstands. Here’s your chance to win you own copy.
Ottobre shows you how to make their Garden Party Skirt.
I am completely enamored with this little puff pouch. I may have to make one. [link via Thimble]
I’m really not sure how Prilosec has anything to do with sponsorship, but here’s your chance to be sponsored for what you do. One hundred people will win $1,000 to go toward their passion.
I haven’t tried it (but I would love for someone to leave feedback if they have), but this clear starch alternative looks like a great way to tame hard to sew fabrics!
Got lots of stuff to carry? Make yourself a messenger bag.
Have a seamstress that you would like to acknowledge? Enter them in Sew New’s Sewing Idol competition where the winner will receive a whole truckload of prizes!
Make a pillowcase to make a difference in your community – the 1 Million Pillowcase Challenge.
If you’re watching the newest season of Project Runway, you’ve probably already decided who’ll win. Leave a comment on this thread with your prediction and if you’re correct, you’ll win a goodie box full of prizes.
I’ll never look at the party isle the same again (can anyone say new fabric resource?) – turn plastic table cloths into Valentine treat bags.
Win a copy of One Hour Craft!

3 thoughts on “Linky Thursday

  1. Virginia

    I just want to thank you for your blog as a whole and especially the linking Thursdays. I find all sorts of goodies I’d miss otherwise – like that darling puff pouch. And I’ll be watching for reports on the starch. Certainly sounds intriguing.

  2. Carrie

    Thanks for the link about the pillowcases…I was just trying to figure out a way to slim down my fabric stash. Too many cute fabrics that I will never use otherwise!
    There aren’t any shops around here participating, but the shop my Mom teaches at in N.C. is, how perfect!

  3. Amanda Calloway

    I use that starch and I like it and they smell really good too. I purchased it at my sewing store when taking a class bc they let us use some to make a stiff press. Give it a try.

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