I won’t go so far as to say that I cleaned out my closet, so let’s just say that I stumbled across a shirt that really doesn’t fit anymore. It’s ages old so it’s out of style (since shirts are longer, this one looks way too short when you wear it), but it’s wonderfully soft, is a great color (I just love the darkish gray), and I just couldn’t bear to part with it. So instead of giving it way, I decided that I’m recycling it into something else….. a shirt for Easton. I intend on using Jalie 2918 and a fantastic ‘diaper cut’ print that I got from The Fabric Fairy awhile ago – just for the purpose of using it as shirt sleeves.
I went ahead and cut everything out and just barely eeked out enough fabric for both the shirt and sleeves. How close was it? I had to use the hem as neck ribbing. I wasn’t kidding that this shirt ran small!

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