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What is your favorite part of sewing (besides the actual sewing itself?)? For me, it’s the planning (heaven knows it’s not the cutting!). I love being able to look through fabrics and imagine what they might become, I daydream about patterns and how I would sew them up, and sometimes I get answers to swap questionnaires that push me to think creatively. Right now I’m in planning heaven because I’ve been doing all three!
My latest Ottobre arrived and I really loved this issue. I found that there were several boy’s garments that I wanted to make that were dramatically different than styles I’ve currently seen – maybe it’s because Easton’s bigger now and can fit into more patterns. I’m hoping to make this sleeveless hoodie before spring…. I even think I have some fabric stashed that will work perfectly! My Burda also arrived yesterday and am very excited about this issue. In fact, my first top for spring is going to be this one. I can easily see it becoming the new ‘twist top’.
This past week, I also joined a Craftster swap – The Office Round 4. While partners for this swap won’t be assigned until Monday, I’m still brainstorming ideas. Speaking of brainstorming, I’ve been busy coming up with new projects and tutorials for another year at The Sewing Republic! Thanks to a conversation with a friend yesterday, I got the inspiration to make what I think will be a very fun and unique project to the site. I drafted a pattern last night and hope to test it out this afternoon.
Now it’s time to get ready and head out to Joann’s so that I can pick up some supplies – I need to take these ideas from paper and turn them into ‘real’ projects!

4 thoughts on “Random Tidbits

  1. Erika Mulvenna

    I love the process of sewing, especially when a project turns out great! Sounds like you have plenty of sewing projects in mind to make this year.
    Can’t wait to see what you will come up with next for the Sewing Republic! Happy sewing!

  2. Melissa

    I got my new Burda yesterday and see several things I like (which is more than I can say for the January issue). Favorite part of sewing – probably the planning part. 🙂

  3. Arabella

    I miss sewing (since I am currently working overseas)! At the moment my favourite part is the online shopping. I have photos of all the fabrics I have been buying online (sent to me by me friend who receives the fabric for me) and I look through them all the time just waiting for when I will finally be able to get home and do some sewing.

  4. Clare

    It mortifies me to see people shopping at places like Jo-Anns. OK, so I live in NYC and have the fashion district boutiques on hand, so…I started a website where I am bringing these unique fabric shops together under one roof — http://www.thunderlily.com
    Most of our vendors offer some free samples so you can get to touch, feel and salivate over the fabrics. We also aim to keep the prices really reasonable because one of the great things about sewing is not only creating it yourself, but making something super stylish at a low, low price.
    Anyway, we also have free dressmaker listings and are soon releasing (free) patterns.
    Please do check us out. Also email us with your ideas or suggestions — we really want to hear from people who love fabric.

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