Scarf-Collar Top

If you would have told me 5 years ago that I would (successfully) be sewing on slinky, I would have thought you were kidding. However, yesterday, I finished up my scarf-collar top (in the deep eggplant slinky) and I have to admit it looks great! The fit is spot-on, the fabric feels wonderful when you wear it, and the design of this pattern is fantastic. My only wish is that I had a bit of bronzer when I wear this one because the color washes me out a bit…… maybe if it ever warms up around here (even a bit of sunshine would be nice) I’ll be able to go outdoors again.
With this shirt behind me, I’m mulling over what my next project will be. My list of projects has substantially grown over the past two weeks and it’s time to prioritize what I should be working on first! Speaking of sewing to-do lists, what’s on everyone’s?

10 thoughts on “Scarf-Collar Top

  1. Angie

    Would love to hear any tips that you might have for sewing on slinky knits. I have a few pieces that I am scared to cut into!

  2. Dawn

    To-do list? I’m just trying to sew stuff that will actually look good on me. I have yet to pick a pattern that looks flattering. I’m a beginner, and an apple shape, but not too big, thick waist and narrow hips, big boobs….and everything either is too big or completely u.g.l.y.!!!! So I have a to do list of some Hot Patterns (pencil skirt, velour lounge wear) and some other basics, but HELP! I’m stuck in ill-fitting-unflattering-land!!!!

  3. Uta

    Gorgeous top! I wouldn’t dare to sew slinky, so double kudos! Maybe some rosy blush would help? I’m very fair-skinned myself, and have just about giving up on bronzing, but some blush usually brings me back from the dead…

  4. suzie

    Stacy! This looks beautiful 🙂 Well done.
    I know how hard this fabric is to work with and you have mastered it….mission accomplished, what’s next on the agenda? Always love reading your “to do” list…it’s inspiring!!

  5. Lori

    Oh man… what isn’t on my to do list? I really want to make some summer dresses for Piper. I also am making a quilt for her for her 1st birthday. AND… I really need a new bag.

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