3 Day Weekend

A three day weekend. For many of us, it means we get an extra day with family, one more day of sewingcrafting, and a chance at a few sales. I’ve been trying hard to resist the latter, but with new patterns being released (everyone from Jalie and Hot Patterns to Burda and the ‘big 4’), I’m beginning plans for a spring wardrobe. So, today, I plan on picking up a few ‘supplies’ (like Pattern Ease, thread) from local stores, but also plan on checking out what my favorite online stores have to offer – at the very least ‘window shop’ for future reference – my goal this year is to stop holding onto the stash and sew up some of the pieces I’ve been hoarding that way I can make room for more.
Today I’m also carving out a bit of time to make something for myself – or at least get a good start on it. By the end of the week, I should have a scarf-collar top!