First Project Of The New Year

Thanks to a nice nap on Easton’s part, I was able to finish up the bench seat cushion. The results? Fantastic!

If I wasn’t in such a hurry to make this, I would have loved to use something like Amy Butler’s latest fabric line (urgency won out over fashion), but in all, I’m pleased with the finished design….. not bad for winging it. Now it’s on to some sewing just for me!

7 thoughts on “First Project Of The New Year

  1. shorty

    Looks great! It is nice having something you don’t LOVE doing behind you:) Now on to the fun stuff!! Have a great sewing weekend!

  2. CGCouture

    I really like it! Where did you find that fabric? I live in the same general area, so I’d be interested in picking some of it up for some curtains for my bathroom if I can find it.

  3. Ramona

    Hello, I was checking out what you had to say about the gothic lolita costume. One of my students brought over this pattern and is using it for a female Mad Hatter.
    Looked over your seat cushion. I cannot tell, but did you also use piping on all the edges?
    Love your post.

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