It seems like it’s taken forever for this week to pass and for us to finally get to Friday. Between settling back into a routine after 2 weeks of Taylor being out of school, Bret traveling (he’s been in Michigan all week, which, oddly enough, has been warmer than what we’ve been), frigid temperatures that have kept us home and inside most of the week (active toddler + trapped at home = extreme cabin fever), etc. I am in need of some serious sewing therapy. I did manage to find about 45 minutes of sewing time and began on my bench seat. So far, I’m managed to piece together the ‘band’ that goes around the seat and attach it to the top. I was going to post a picture, but honestly it’s not much to look at….. yet. Hopefully this project will be finished by the weekend.
By the way, I forgot to say “thank you” yesterday to Sarah for the link she sent yesterday and to Josh and Erika for all their screen printing advice!

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