Almost Back To The Grind

Just one more day left to Christmas vacation and then it’s back to the grind. I thought by this point I would be sewing up a storm, but it’s been quite the opposite. In fact, I think I’ve logged in just about 0 hours at the sewing machine. Unfortunately, it looks as if my first project of the new year won’t be for me, but instead the house. Our ‘mud room’ bench has been taking a beating (too many things being set on it, coats and zippers scratching the finish, etc.) so I’ve finally broken down and decided it’s high time I make a cushion for it. I really don’t like home decor sewing, but I’ll do it out of necessity if I have to. Today, my goal is to determine the measurements for the fabric and foam – I’m going to remember to do the “measure twice, cut once rule”.
In more fun news, Sew It All magazine has hit the shelves! I wrote two articles for this premier issue; one for a monogram robe (using a purchased robe pattern designed for knits and discussing how to add an embellishment to the back) and an eco-friendly Farmer’s Market tote made from kitchen towels that expands as needed. I can’t wait to hear what you think of them!

2 thoughts on “Almost Back To The Grind

  1. Erika Mulvenna

    Ah, well, I bet you can make the most out of the home dec project. Can you at least use some fun fabric?
    I am keeping an eye out for Sew It All magazine next time I’m at the fabric store. Can’t wait to read your articles!

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