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Linky Thursday

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When I was little I used to think that muffs were so cool – in fact I think I even had one that went with a little rabbit fur jacket. Now you can bring back the muff style by making one of your own.
Win a Nicole Mallalieu pattern.
Think you know what’s ugly? Then use it to design the most unattractive necklace and you could win $992 shopping spree at Land of Odds. [link via Starving Crafter]
Mushroom pincushions are here, and you can get yours for free.
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Win a a gorgeous wool embroidery bag – this post has all the details!
Leave your comment for a chance to win Color Your Cloth, plus get a FREE pattern for the Baktus Scarf.
Make yourself these simple appliqued towels to decorate you home for Valentine’s Day.
DIY Cat House – and I’m not talking about the kind you might see in Nevada. [link via Whip Up]
It’s almost prom dress season and if you plan on making your own, be sure to enter it in Joann’s “Own Your Look” prom contest.
Need more thread? Then enter to win Sew, Mama, Sew’s True Love Valentine Contest and a Coats and Clark thread collection could be yours!
The art of gingerbread houses completely eludes me, which is why this Up inspired gingerbread house (a Craftster challenge winner) is even more fantastic.
A good article on how to adjust your thread tension.
Transform your t-shirt into a tunic.

Scarf-Collar Top

If you would have told me 5 years ago that I would (successfully) be sewing on slinky, I would have thought you were kidding. However, yesterday, I finished up my scarf-collar top (in the deep eggplant slinky) and I have to admit it looks great! The fit is spot-on, the fabric feels wonderful when you wear it, and the design of this pattern is fantastic. My only wish is that I had a bit of bronzer when I wear this one because the color washes me out a bit…… maybe if it ever warms up around here (even a bit of sunshine would be nice) I’ll be able to go outdoors again.
With this shirt behind me, I’m mulling over what my next project will be. My list of projects has substantially grown over the past two weeks and it’s time to prioritize what I should be working on first! Speaking of sewing to-do lists, what’s on everyone’s?

No Words Can Describe The Ewwww

As if any of us need another reason to sew, but after reading (and watching) this story I just couldn’t resist posting one more…. Yes, that’s right, your new ready-to-wear clothing may not be as clean as you think. I’m not a (complete) germ-a-phobe, but the words ‘fecal flora’ kind of make my skin crawl….. especially when they’re on my new jacket.

Almost Finished

Thanks to Bret who took Easton out of the house for awhile yesterday and to Taylor who found a book that she couldn’t put down, I was able to to make a dent into my scarf-collar top sewing. Since I’m working with a slinky, I decided to go ahead and serge the entire top just to be sure that it feeds evenly through the machine. So far, I’ve managed to attach the scarf to the top itself without a hitch, which is suspect is the most difficult part of the project. Now I just need to sew up the front, attach the sleeves, and then sew in the hems (ack – hemming on slinky!). Anyone else working on this top? What did everyone else do over the (3-day) weekend?

3 Day Weekend

A three day weekend. For many of us, it means we get an extra day with family, one more day of sewingcrafting, and a chance at a few sales. I’ve been trying hard to resist the latter, but with new patterns being released (everyone from Jalie and Hot Patterns to Burda and the ‘big 4’), I’m beginning plans for a spring wardrobe. So, today, I plan on picking up a few ‘supplies’ (like Pattern Ease, thread) from local stores, but also plan on checking out what my favorite online stores have to offer – at the very least ‘window shop’ for future reference – my goal this year is to stop holding onto the stash and sew up some of the pieces I’ve been hoarding that way I can make room for more.
Today I’m also carving out a bit of time to make something for myself – or at least get a good start on it. By the end of the week, I should have a scarf-collar top!

Baby Got Bootie

One of my favorite books that sits on my sewing shelf is Amy Butler’s Little Stitches for Little Ones. I like this book so much not just because I’m a HUGE Amy Butler fan, but also because the projects inside are so wonderful. Since Easton has outgrown a number of the projects inside (he wont’ wear bibs and the clothing is for infants 12 months and younger), I thought that making baby gifts was a perfect opportunity to pull out an old favorite. And what gift could be better than a set of baby booties?

This pair match the other prints that I had used (and looks fabulous with a black onesie and the coordinating bib) – I ‘fussy cut’ the bottoms to make sure I got the skull on the soles. I think for now, I’m finished sewing baby gear and am planning on concentrating on my Jalie blouse. What is everyone else working on this weekend?

Get Juiced

Heading back to school for a new semester and needing something new to tote your supplies? Then whip yourself up one of these fun juice pouch cases – my latest project at the Sewing Republic! I was inspired to make this after school supply shopping and a purchase of a “warehouse size” package of juice boxes (that’s 48 empty bags left to be creative with). Don’t drink juice? You could easily substitute these Mylar bags for snack size pouches of chips, cookies, and 100 calorie packs.


I did nothing last night….. and I liked it! I honestly had good intentions of putting together some fabulous links for today, but after I sat down to watch last night’s episode of Project Runway I just didn’t have the energy to do much else (by the way, if you’re interested in winning a makeover by Nina Garcia, you can enter here). I won’t sit here and chat about the show since there may be some of you who have yet to watch it. Although, I will say I’ve already picked out my favorite(s). How about you? Favorites? Thoughts about the garments? Next to go home? Let’s dish! By the way, does anyone else thinks this season’s promo still looks an awful lot like a poster from The Breakfast Club?

A Few Things Got Neglected……..

For the past several weeks, Bret has been traveling for work. And by traveling, I mean gone all week. This has definitely posed a challenge in getting many of my ‘routine’ tasks completed. However, after numerous late nights, I’ve been able to get a majority of them finished – although, there’s always something that get’s neglected. This week? It’s Linky Thursday. Thank goodness he’s home today so that I can ‘relax’, catch up on blogs, read a magazine (or two because they have been piling up), and put up a proper post (This week, Linky Thursday will be on Friday). In the mean time, here’s the latest baby gift project:

These little cuties were made using Chickpea Sewing Studio‘s pattern and the same fabrics that I used for yesterday’s burp cloths. The only modification that I made to these is that I omitted the snap and went with fusible Velcro instead – I love the ease that Velcro provides and I’m totally addicted to the fused stuff!

More Baby Items

When I mentioned that I was making some baby gifts in yesterday’s post, I neglected to tell everyone that I’m going with a ‘theme’….. The Cool Kid Gift Pack. I figured that since this is her 3rd baby boy (and possibly her last), I would make it fun. Aside from the KU fabrics (although ‘cool kids’ do go to school there, LOL), I intend on using a lot of Alexander Henry Nicole’s Prints. So, in keeping with my theme, I came up with a set of 6 ‘cool’ burp cloths last night; 2 KU, 2 skull bandanna, and 2 tattoo prints – one in each color:

By far, these were my favorite burp rags that I used with Easton – I hope she thinks so too. While sewing these up, I believe Gerber stepped up the center padding and increased the size a bit…. even better (anyone know for sure?)!