One Yard Wonders

You know you have it, that one yard of fabric in your stash that you’re not quite sure what to do with. After all, it is a yard, what could you possibly make? One-Yard Wonders takes that question and turns it into 101 projects! These projects range from home decor, pet and children’s items, stuffies, bags, and simple tops and dresses. Yes, some of them are nothing new, after all, we’ve seen tons of apron patterns and tutorials on the internet, but there’s plenty of clever, novel items that should pique your interest – the ‘Good Hat Day’ hat, ‘Summer Nightie’, and ‘Mitered Square Blankie’ just to name a few! Most of the projects in the book are quick to whip up (most can easily be made in an afternoon) with many having full size patterns. Even though the items contained in One Yard Wonders have different authors, the book is very cohesive (same format and tone) and has great photography.
The Bottom Line: One-Yard Wonders is a great title for beginners or anyone looking for lots of quick and simple projects that can be easily sewn in a day or less. However, if you’re looking for new, novel ideas or detailed projects, you’ll be sorely disappointed in this book.

1 thought on “One Yard Wonders

  1. Jessi

    I got to meet one of the Authors at a craft fair here in Minneapolis! She was so nice. Crafty Planet is down the street from me and has a whole display of some of the projects – makes me excited for the book.
    (Yes, stuff I’ve seen before but I like that it’s all in one book and I might learn something new!)

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