Pretty Virus, But I Really Don’t Want One

With the change in seasons comes the inevitable, colds (the photo on the left is a cold virus – even though I think it looks cool, I really don’t want it invading my body). That’s exactly what I have at the moment and it’s really messing with my productivity – keeping up with the house, wrapping presents, and sewing. The most I’ve been able to do is rummage through my stash to find a coordinating yet contrasting piece of fabric that will work for the gussets in the Square Draped T-Shirt – so far, a lot of what I’m finding might make it look like I’ve got some sort of weird sweat stains going on. I’d like to avoid using the same material in this area since I think the gussets are part of what makes this shirt so different, so I may opt for a lighter shade of gray.
In other ‘sewing news’ did anyone check out the new designers for the upcoming season of Project Runway? Have you picked out your favorite yet (or better yet, possible drama queen)? By the way did anyone else think that Mila Hermanovski look really familiar, or was that just me?

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