Impulse Sewing

Aside from the pajama pants that I made the other day, it’s been awhile since I’ve sewn anything for Taylor. I thought that I would make a few items that I could put under the tree. One of her favorite things to wear around the house are knit shorts (it doesn’t matter the season, she wears them), so I thought I would start with that. I ‘shopped the stash’ and found a fun flying pigs print that I had picked up from The Fabric Fairy several months ago. The material itself was too thin to use as shorts so I decided to turn it into a tank and search around for something to use for the short. Yes, I just made more work for myself.
Surprisingly, I found a matching french terry that I had used for a pair of Burda track pants. So after some tracing (I used Kwik Sew 2489 minus the side slits), cutting and sewing, I had this:

Now onto planning for the tank!

3 thoughts on “Impulse Sewing

  1. shorty

    It is so nice being able to whip something up like that! I am going to try and make quite a few PJ pants for the boys for Christmas. I think just assembly line style will work and I can get at least 6 pairs made if not 9! You always give me inspiration!!!

  2. Katrina

    Just wondering Stacy, do you trace all your patterns? Or is Kwik Sew a pattern that has all the pieces on one sheet where you have to trace? I didn’t think so though.

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